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Beatport Banned Page Addresses Questions


Beatport Banned Page Addresses Questions

Yesterday, we reported on a Tumblr page called Beaport Banned. The site alleges that the music listed on its page had in someway been banned by Beatport- either removed from the charts or taken down permanently from the purchase library due to suspected "click farms" buying the track, not actual fans and customers.  Tracks by David Guetta, Gareth Emery, Markus Schulz, Blasterjaxx and many more are all listed on the Beatport Banned page.

Several questions about the authenticity of the page began to spring up, especially since some "banned" tracks were still available, and others would link to a "Territory Restricted" page.  This type of message is not all too uncommon to see in the world of global digital music stores. Sometimes, tracks are released around the world on different schedules due to practical reasons like contracts, legal rights, platforms, etc. The internet was ripe with comments declaring that the Beatport Banned page was fake.

However, what is strange about the "territory restricted" songs is that, for the most part, they were all available for purchase in our region (the United States) and then later removed.  Some had also charted in the Beatport Top 100 and then disappeared without explanation.

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But just now, the Beatport Banned page posted their answers to many of the questions:

Are you affiliated in any way to Beatport?
No, we are not.

Why do Beatport sometimes ban tracks?
— Sometimes artists / Record Labels buy their own tracks multiple times in order to make it into the Beatport Top100 chart in order to make a record look popular. Also Beatport users (mostly Dj’s) love to listen to the Top 100 hence being in the top 100 is sure to boost sales.

Does Beatport ban all tracks which have been bought multiple times by the artist / record label?
We are not Beatport but we don’t think so! Its impossible for them to notice each time this is happening (it’s probably happening right now as you read this)!

How do you know when a track has been banned by Beatport?
Our automated system monitors tracks / Top 100 in all genres on the Beatport website. It shows us which tracks have suddenly vanished! Then we check the links ourselves in order to confirm we then post to #BeatportBanned.

Why it says «Restricted for your territory?
Because Beatport like to come across as being politically correct. We have enough friends around the world who can double check as to whether or not a track has been restricted for all territories before we post it.

Some tracks from your ‘banned list’ are available. Why is that?
— Usually Beatport will block a track for 2 weeks. After that the label can redeliver a track & it will be available again on different link. Thats why the old link still shows up as a banned track even though it is available again via a new link.

Some labels claim to have taken a track down themselves (for various reasons).
— Could be true, but if you are a label & your track is rocking the Top10 chart would you really take it down? We don’t think so!!! Most of the tracks listed here have disappeared from high chart positions (even from the Beatport Main Top 10). Thats why we show the ‘Last chart position’ on our website.

Why can’t I find a track from from various labels on your website? Everybody says they ‘buy in’ chart positions?
— If these labels are not on our list then their tracks were never banned. This means they are either in the ‘clear’ or Beatport just haven’t caught them (yet!). We only list tracks which have been blocked by Beatport.

Do you have [intentions to make] a commercial profit?
Of course not! We just want people know the truth :-)

…..remember…..all these ‘charts’, ‘likes’, ‘plays’ etc were invented to make tracks appear to be more popular. This page wasn’t created to ruin profiles of artists & labels - we just want to help the industry. We are really sorry if your track is here in error but we think everyone understands that 99% of tracks which disappear from Beatport are due to the artist /label ‘buying in’ to the chart!

These responses seem to be fairly reasonable, and address most discrepancies. However, in this era of internet trolls, we feel it is important to verify the claims.  We have similar questions over to Beatport at this time, but have not received any comment yet.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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