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Beatport Banned Tracks From Guetta, Blasterjaxx And Markus Schulz For Cheating?

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Beatport Banned Tracks From Guetta, Blasterjaxx And Markus Schulz For Cheating?

Earlier today, one of our writers shared with us a Tumblr page called "Beatport Banned".  The page posted links, audio streams, and other information for about 50 or so tracks, all of which have allegedly been banned from Beatport, a popular electronic dance music download website geared towards DJs.

Some of the links we clicked worked just like they should, taking us to a stream of the song on Beatport.  But others would take us to a  "RESTRICTED" message, saying that the  item we tried to view was not available in our region.  For the record, the Guetta remix for Avicii's "Addicted To You" is still available for purchase.  The Blasterjaxx remix of Armin van Buuren's "Save My Night" and Dakota's (Markus Shulz' alias) "CLXXV" are not (at least according to our location in the United States).   PRMD, Armada, and Coldhabour Records are the respective labels that released the suspected banned songs.

Last month, Beatport issued a statement claiming that it would ban any song that was found to be using download farms to increase purchases, and thus rankings on the Beatport charts.  This statement came after news broke surrounding  Miss Tara, a Toronto based DJ/producer, who reached an unexplainable #3 position on the Beatport charts after her song "Runaway" was available for only a few days.  Her song was removed from the charts, but is still available for purchase.

EDM blogs Do Androids Dance and YourEDM both wrote earlier that the Tumblr page might have been created by Beatport as a way to "out" chart cheaters. YourEDM has verified this is not the case, according to an unnamed source inside the music download service.

A Facebook post by trance DJ/producer Christopher Lawrence says "rumors have been floating around that Beatport is fed up with labels and artists rigging the charts. It hurts Beatport's credibility, as well as taking up chart positions which rightfully belong to others."  He goes on to describe the Beatport Banned page.

An official statement has not been made by Beatport at time of this article's publication. The speculation, praise, doubt, and outrage has already begun on twitter however:

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