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Beatport Joins Vans Warped Tour As Official Host

Beatport Warped Tour

Lollapalooza. Bonaroo. Wakarusa... Warped Tour? That's right. The newest music festival to adopt EDM Culture is none other than the famous Vans Warped Tour. Celebrating their 20 anniversary, Warped Tour is reaching out in an attempt to cater to all popular music, as opposed to offering their same plate of music in previous years. Warped Tour is an American music culture classic, showcasing established and indie acts from rock to reggae, hip-hop to pop and more. Their talent selections in combination with lifestyle attractions and insanely low ticket prices (max price is under $40!) makes Warped Tour a highly desirable destination for music lovers. In an effort to expand their reach - Warped Tour has announced their inclusion of Beatport to host a stage at the summer festival. Beatport, an SFX Entertainment Inc. company has entered their 10th year of premiere service to listeners and producers alike.

“The Vans Warped Tour has always focused on the kids and what they’re listening to. It’s impossible to do that today without dance and electronic music playing a role... We’ve always believed in offering fans a choice, and a spectrum, of music and as such we’ve blended dance and hip-hop into the lineup over the last two years. It’s now time to dedicate a stage for those fans under the banner of the biggest brand in dance music. I can’t think of a better name for this stage than Beatport.”
- Kevin Lyman, Vans Warped Tour Founder

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Under the multi-year deal, Beatport has acquired the naming rights for a stage dedicated to EDM artists & other selected acts at each festival stop. Beatport is responsible for promotion of the tour via online and social media channels, and in coming years, the company will also contribute to the programming of the acts performing on stage as well.

“We’re honored for this opportunity to elevate the dance and electronic music component of this iconic summer event... Whether it’s punk, dance, or hip-hop, the underground attitude transcends genre. Beatport’s mission is to serve both DJs and their fans, as well as introduce their music to new audiences. What better partner than Vans Warped Tour to accomplish this?”
- Clark Warner, Beatport Executive Creative Director

Beatport Stage Lineup 2014:
Captain Capa
DJ Nicola Bear
DJ Scout
K. Flay
MC Chris
NiT GriT
Pacific Dub
Sleeper Agent

The 2014 Vans Warped Tour will kick off Friday, June 13 in Houston, TX, with 42 total dates until its final stage Sunday, August 3 in Denver, CO.
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