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Beware Of The Fake Pasquale Rotella Twitter Account!

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Stay Away From The Fake Pasquale Rotella Twitter Account!

At first we were like oh daymn.... Rotella got hacked, this won't be good.  A quick double check and we saw that the account wasn't verified and only has 800-something followers... We knew it was a fake, but the handle and twitter URL looked exactly the same.

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Poking around a bit more, we found the trick.  The fake, although designed to mimic the real and verified @pasqualerotella, had one very small difference- it's actually @pasquaIerotella.  Yes, PasquaIe with an I- real schmoove.... and sneaky.

As far as parody accounts go- it's  about a 2.5 on the funny meter.  The humor relies on cliches and is just too "mean" overall.  For us, it just comes off like a big hater is in control of it.

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There are a few chuckles here and there, but Steve Aoki cake references, trap bashing, molly jokes and links that lead to porn sites are a bit played out - can we not?   It also tries to troll EDC fans with false ticket release news.

Here are some samples:

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