Beware Of The Fake Pasquale Rotella Twitter Account!


Stay Away From The Fake Pasquale Rotella Twitter Account!

At first we were like oh daymn.... Rotella got hacked, this won't be good.  A quick double check and we saw that the account wasn't verified and only has 800-something followers... We knew it was a fake, but the handle and twitter URL looked exactly the same.

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Poking around a bit more, we found the trick.  The fake, although designed to mimic the real and verified @pasqualerotella, had one very small difference- it's actually @pasquaIerotella.  Yes, PasquaIe with an I- real schmoove.... and sneaky.

As far as parody accounts go- it's  about a 2.5 on the funny meter.  The humor relies on cliches and is just too "mean" overall.  For us, it just comes off like a big hater is in control of it.

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There are a few chuckles here and there, but Steve Aoki cake references, trap bashing, molly jokes and links that lead to porn sites are a bit played out - can we not?   It also tries to troll EDC fans with false ticket release news.

Here are some samples:

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