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How Big Is EDC Las Vegas? This Big...


How Big Is EDC Las Vegas? This Big...

Just how big is Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas? Well according to these numbers, pretty darn big. Take a quick skim on this numbers just published by the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Total attendance in the first three years: 845,000 tickets sold (2011-2013)
Total attendance in 2014: 400,000 tickets sold
Total economic impact in the first three years: $621 million
2014 visitors coming from 40 countries and all 50 states
Hours of EDC from Friday through Sunday: 31.5
Number of DJs 2014: 182 plus 15 Discovery Project winners
Total number of minutes of fireworks shows in the first three years: 108 minutes
Largest stage at EDC: Kinetic Field, area holds 80,000 fans
1 million pounds of scaffolding used in the creation of 2013’s Kinetic Field

At EDC 2013:

15,120 pounds of paper confetti and 102 confetti blowers used
Production crew size: 1,220
Volunteers: 692
4.6 million pounds of steel
920,000 watts of speaker power
18,000 milliwatts of lasers
5.2 megawatts of electricity

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Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

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