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The Dee Brief- A Break Down Of What Happened In EDM Last Week


Dee Sanae Breaks Down WTF?! Happened In EDM Last Week

Opening this #Dee-Brief check out my favorite part of Magnetic, the Industry Focus. We oftentimes forget the peeps that make the intricate events so that we can see the lights, shows and DJ’s. The spotlight, this time, falls on the talent buyer at LED Presents, Will Runzel. Is LA where it’s at? According to him, he thinks it is: “Undeniably, Los Angeles is the hub of EDM right now. Ibiza, Vegas, Miami, Chicago, London, Detroit, Amsterdam, Berlin all have their influence, but Los Angeles holds the crown because of the diversity in genre’s being created and the amount of producers here available to collaborate with is unmatched.” Let’s always remember the ones that make the DJ’s happen.

Speaking of which, deadmau5 complains that he is on the "Now That's What I Call EDM." But, should he really complain? He puts it out there for the world to see. From getting banned from driving from the French portion of the Gumball, Coffee Runs, and of course, his constant tirades to his fellow compadres/fans on Twitter.  deadmau5’ attention has now turn to Avicii's manager, Ash Pournouri. Let’s see how this will unfold. Do you think it has anything to do with the new album coming out on Tuesday? Hmm…

Quite frankly, he might live up to his name and really be a deadmau5 without the support of the media (us) and his millions of fans. And if I ever had the chance, I would award him the “Artist Likely To Be Banned From An Event.” If you don’t get it, “Google”it. I'm sure he secretly loves the attention (social media narcissist... hmm, maybe), but he does know how to work the viral video blogs. Love to hate him or Love to love him. Either way he gives everyone tons of material to cover, ad nauseum.

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SFX is regrouping and wants to continue it’s global growth, what next the Grammy’s? Hopefully, they get a better deal and a massive discount when it comes to talent, considering Avicii tops the charts with his booking fee of $150-$200k+

Move over Tiesto, I remember he used to hold that spot. No longer. Speaking of Tiesto, he’s headlining a "Thank You Fest" in MD. I saw it was all ages for this DJ heavy line-up at the Merriweather Pavilion. I could be wrong but, are there other activities at this event for children to do? Face painting (not body painting!), Animal rides, a Merry-Go-Round? This doesn’t seem like a family event as so much an event that should be strictly 18+. What could you possibly do with a 10 yr-old or even a 15 yr-old hanging out with club kids as they see their favorite DJ and listening to Tiesto's track "Wasted?" Comments please. I am sure I will get a lot.

As this post subsides but never dies, I have to say big ups to “Mag-hole of the week” …( insert drum roll) Betoko, thumbs down to lady hitting, go get a punching bag!

And as always, in the ebb and flow of dance music, keep it classy rockstars and never forget who made you who you are!

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