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The Dee Brief in EDM: Summer is here and so is Ibiza


The Dee Brief in EDM: Summer is here and so is Ibiza

This week's #Dee-brief  in EDM is excited that summer is officially here as of June 21st and marks  a new party in Ibiza, The Pharm @ Privilege, dedicated to local island residents in house music. I can’t wait to hear about all the rest of the 2014 summer festivities-So let the games begin!


Well, one thing we know for sure is 'Beats by Dre" gets banned by FIFA and Sony. Due to FIFA’s licensing agreements with Sony, they wanted all the players to stop wearing Beats headphones. But it looks like players are having hard time breaking up with their Beats, as they are wearing them outside of the "banned" areas. You can’t “turn the beat around” on these fellas, or can they? Beats 2 Sony 1. If it is written in ink, I bet I know who will prevail.

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Industry focuses on Ruchie "Roo" Farndon of Roo Media. I love her quote, many 20-something and up interns forget about this little bit of advice, “Be prepared to work for free, get an internship; get your foot in the door. Go out of your way to impress. Be prepared to make the coffee and stay late.” All of us, including myself, have done this one. Why would anyone else be different?  David Grutman, behind Miami Marketing Group and venues such as, Opium, LIV, Story, is in agreement with Roo  and says “I would recommend you really start at the bottom and work your way up.” in his Industry Focus this week.

EDC was in gear again, this time in Vegas. Insomniac took extra precautions to prevent scalpers and we here at Magnetic, gave you a heads up of what to expect and who you would probably encounter. With the good comes the bad, as one man died at the event over the weekend. Prayers to the family.

The Dee Brief in EDM: Summer is here and so is Ibiza

Chris Cornell, Soundgarden's lead singer and guitarist, recently stated in an interview with Howard Stern, that new wave of rock is on it way with talks of electronic dance music on the rise and comparing it to the disco era. “I don’t know how much more it can go up. The only thing I can say is that tends to be the beginning of a really great new movement in rock, which is the same thing that kind of happened when disco was dominating. All of a sudden then you had punk rock, that came as a reaction to it where everyone said, you know, this sucks. So maybe that will happen now. They’ll look at each other at the rave, and their E will kick in, and they’ll go, ‘this sucks.’” The full interview can be found here. (EDM talks starting around 13:28)

Hardwell’s Time Square stint was a fail, his plan started with coordinates that led to the New York staple. Poor Hardy didn't seem to get any recognition as no one really knew who the DJ was! I actually felt bad for him especially when you are the one who set it up. Marketing and PR team back to the drawing board, STAT!

If you missed last week’s Dee-Brief, check it out here. And as always, in the ebb and flow of dance music, keep it classy and dance safe!

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