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DJs- Now You Can Get Paid By Not Showing Up For Gigs


Just when you thought DJing couldn't get any easier, it did. We've gone from crates of records to one USB stick, and now you can tour the world and not even leave your bedroom!

It turns out that's exactly what this new service called Clubcast (founded by mixify) allows you to do. It provides for a two way online video stream between a crowd and a DJ, both being able to see each other. The DJ can see the reaction and response of the crowd, and the crowd can watch the DJ press play, twist a nob or two, and throw out a heart sign when he or she wants to get get all PLUR.

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“Clubcast is the next frontier in live events for the music industry — for fans, artists and venues,” said Mixify founder David Moricca in a press release. “With Clubcast’s technology, we are not only breaking geographic barriers, but also creating a way for artists to reach new markets and for venues to maximize their offerings to party goers, while adding new streams of revenue to their businesses.”

Welcome to DJing in 2014.
Via: Complex

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