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EDC News: More Tickets Released In Hopes Of Preventing Scalpers


Are you one of the many who didn't get your EDC ticket on time? Don't worry -- You can get off of craigslist now. That's right, Friends! Insomniac released a surprise wave of tickets on for the inaugural Las Vegas event. This ticket release comes alongside a statement by Mr. EDC himself, Pasquale Rotella. Insomniac CEO delivers this message via Istagram:

STRANGER DANGER #EDCLV headliners, I've seen a lot of people trying to buy/sell tickets online and want to remind you to be careful of scammers & ticket fraud! The SAFEST way to buy a ticket is directly through us! We recently announced a limited release of #EDCLV tickets because of this issue, available here: If you're still in need of a ticket, DO NOT buy one from a scalper - you should only consider purchasing from us or a trusted friend. If you arrive at EDC Las Vegas with an illegitimate ticket, we cannot provide a refund or another pass, and you will be out of luck. There are no paper tickets being distributed for this event, so any paper tickets for sale will be counterfeit. A Ticket Card will only be valid if a 3 Day Pass has been loaded onto the card - you can check online at Stay safe everyone & see you soon in Vegas!

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General Admission ticket prices (3-DAY GA (18+) are $345.00 + $40.23 Service Fees.
That's a grand total of $385.23
VIP Admission ticket prices (3-dAY VIP (21+) are $599.00 + $54.20 Service Fees.
That gets you a VIP 3 day weekend for $653.32

So, sorry to all of the money-hungry asshats selling their 3-Day passes for upwards of $450.00 -- Pasquale wins this round. Take your sketchy business elsewhere! Be cautious of where your tickets come from this season - it's all fun and PLURR until someone rips you off. What are the collective thoughts on this? Do you feel that Insomniac's moves are legitimate? More ticket sales = maximum capacity. Less ticket sales = more scalpers. What is the balance we need to find for these massive events?

EDC Las Vegas is scheduled to take place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Fri, Jun 20,2014 - Sun, Jun 22,2014.

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