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EDM Chart: Drum & Bass - Top 10 Of The Week

Another week in the scene of drum & bass, and I hope everyone's week has been going well. Some fan favorites are back this week, along with mainstays like Noisia and Netsky. Monstercat continues to release monster tracks, and I've got a couple of bootlegs and remixes for you, too.

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1. Noisestorm, Breakdown VIP
I want to put this one up front and center so that none of you miss it. Remodeling his dubstep hit from two years ago, Noisestorm manages to create probably the best drumstep track I've ever heard.

2. Smooth, Bug
Smooth is on this week's chart! Starting out with some really funky synth work, the drop is super bouncy and packed full of energy. Though those lead synths sound a couple years old, I'm glad to hear them back in force.

3. Leaf, Power Up
With a name like a famous celebrity's unfortunate kid, this is some pretty sick drumstep. It almost sounds 8 bit, but not nearly chiptune. The arpeggios and chord arrangement are all pretty on point, and the breakdown is blissful.

4. Betatraxx, Electra Heart ft. Marina and the Diamonds (Teddy Killerz Remix)
Second week in a row for Teddy Killerz on the chart. The vocals on this one give me chills and the electro vibes fit it so perfectly. Teddy Killerz manages to blend some breaks influence in this giving it a huge dose of depth and variety.

5. Noisia, Shaking Hands
If you haven't heard, Noisia is coming out with a new EP this month, called Purpose EP. They're back and better than ever with their neuro/jump up style and heavy, gritty basslines.

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6. Momoiro Clover Z, Lost Child (Noisia Remix)
I don't think this has happened before... but Noisia is in the chart twice this week. This time, it's a remix of popular JPop group "Momoclo," as they're affectionately called. The tempo is brought down, but those basslines remain super tasty.

7. Moderat, Bad Kingdom (BTK D&B Bootleg)
Sound design aside, this is one groovy track. Not much else to say except the vocals match well and the breakdown is inspired.

8. Netsky, Running Low ft. Beth Ditto
Netsky makes his return with this single from his upcoming album coming out later this year. Sounding less and less like his first album, this track is very poppy but still has that classic drum & bass sound. Sounds a little Chase & Status-esque.

9. NickBee, Let It In ft. Tasha Baxter
Tasha Baxter (a Feed Me favorite) is lending her talents to this track by NickBee, one of the more underrated drum & bass producers, along with perhaps InsideInfo and Joe Ford. Despite its neuro tendencies, the track rolls right along and delivers powerful energies and an accessible rhythm.

10. Mayel, Shogun
Last but most definitely not least is this monster track from Mayel. This one in particular is a month old, but I couldn't help putting it up for having missed it. The build is epic beyond compare and the snares are fat and heavy. Though, the drop hits you in the chest like a ton of bricks and you really don't know what you're suddenly doing with your body. The second drop... oh, just listen to it.

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If you'd like a track to be considered for next week's chart, send it to with "Drum & Bass" in the subject line.

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