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Electronic Music Chart: Top 10 Drum & Bass Tracks Of The Week

Next week's chart is sure to be brimming with new drum & bass tunes as producers old and new are premiering new material at EDC this weekend. I'm especially bummed that I won't be there for Sunday, with Netsky, Sub Focus, Wilkinson, Ed Rush & Optical, Andy C and more at the bassPOD stage. Trust me, I'd be there if I could. Some interesting remixes and originals this week - as always, I do my best to not sacrifice my choices for the easy find, and I do my best to bring you the best tracks each and every week.

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1. Deadmau5, Drop the Poptart (Sauniks Remix)
'Drop The Poptart' was a demo deadmau5 track that eventually became 'Somewhere Up Here' on the new album. Sauniks turned it into a powerful drumstep mix fueled by electro and dub undertones.

2. Kasger, Everlasting Summer
A rather generic intro drops into a light, wonderful liquid track that just takes you away. The bass is subtle and not overpowering. I love it when a producer is actually able to show a little restraint in their work.

3. Feint, For The Fire feat. Eric Hayes
Feint and Eric Hayes manage to make this track sound like a faux-metal tearout track, sort of like Self vs Self by Pendulum. Hayes' vocals are actually pretty decent and Feint does a great job of getting the most out of him.

4. Bingo Players, Knock You Out (Champion Remix)
This is my favorite remix on the Knock You Out EP for obvious reasons. But aside from it just being DnB, the track just kills in general. Sounds like fantastic old school Hospital Records type tracks, which alone is enough to get me going.

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5. Aphonic, The Further We Go (Bachelors of Science Remix)
This is a perfect example of a really dark DnB track. Just sub-bass, a lead synth and some tight drums. The vocals give it a little range but ultimately this track belongs in a dark alley beside the local gun shop.

6. 椎名林檎, NIPPON (el poco maro Remix)
Oh yeah, that's right - some Japanese shit. Genres transcend national borders, and DnB is no exception. I couldn't tell you what they're saying, but I can tell you how this track makes me feel - kawaii as fuck.

7. Donkong, Beamer (LF& Remix)
LF&'s (pronounced Ele-Fand) remix of Beamer is absolutely bouncy filth in its finest. It's drumstep that, for once, doesn't have the usual breakdown at the end. While I miss it, it's nice to see that LF& isn't just sticking to the formula.

8. Alexa Lusader, White Snow (X5IGHT Remix)
X5IGHT knock it out of the park with this remix, featuring 20 year-old singer/songwriter Alexa Lusader. This is probably my favorite track for the week, and once you listen to it you'll understand. There's no cookie cutter here, no formulaic kick snare. This is all original, fresh beats.

9. Sneo, Binary
Sneo does a great job with the lead synths and warped basses in this track. It's slightly liquid, a little mysterious, and all groove. Keep it rollin'.

10. The Prototypes, Don't Let Me Go feat. Amy Pearson
Last but not least is this new music video and single from The Prototypes from their forthcoming album. Amy Pearson does great work on vocals while the piano build up creates a huge amount of suspense, and carries right over into the drop. Very Danny Byrd-ish, very cool.

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