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Event Recap: Charli XCX At Sonos Studio


By: Jeni C. Wilson

Event Recap: Charli XCX At Sonos Studios

This past Tuesday, British pop singer Charli XCX (Charlotte Aitchinson), known for her plethora of singles, mixtapes, and psychedelic pop culture collage videos, gave an intimate, vibrant performance at Sonos Studio in Los Angeles. Clad in a gold sequined mini-dress, black motorcycle jacket and cat eyed shades, the 21 year old put on a killer show.

From her signature, lioness hair flip, British banter to a very enduring moment where she candidly admitted that "whenever something goes wrong on stage and they ask me to speak, it usually winds up bad", Charli XCX definitely proved herself as a unique, colorful performer with a very bright future.

Event Recap: Charli XCX At Sonos Studios

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Check out her new single "Boom Clap" featured in the recently released motion picture "Fault in our Stars" and keep an eye out for this ever growing pop sensation.

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