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[Exclusive Premiere] Dr. Ozi - Mental Giant (DUSTLA)

Dr. Ozi - Mental Giant

From the very first note, 'Mental Giant' is a force to be reckoned with. It goes harder than most Firepower tracks I've heard lately, and not only that, it does it with a discernible melody. Dr. Ozi has been smashing it lately with their most recent remix of KDrew and now this which will be released on DUSTLA tomorrow pretty much seals the deal. The first vocal samples "Be polite, be polite" make it sound almost like Pogo, that kind of Disney mash-up sound. But that doesn't last long. The drop is absolutely nasty. It's fucking filthy. It should be downright illegal. Straight from DUSTLA, “Brutal, ear tearing, face ripping, masterpiece of grime and filth.”

The track will be out tomorrow on DUSTLA. Be sure to grab it when it drops.

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