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EXpect EXcellence from Plastikman's EX

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EX is an EXcursion into the past EXploring the uncertainty of the future, EXpanding and EXtending the immersive atmospheres of my Plastikman Project.” Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman

On Thursday June 12, Plastikman will take control of Sónar, and he will be performing the exclusive show “Objekt” along with a portion of his new album “EX”. With an accompanying LED obelisk which debuted at his Guggenheim show back in December, Richie is going all out. His developing live concept show consists of an entirely new audio and visual experience, all inspired by the interior of the Guggenheim. Hawtin will also be performing on the following day, June 13, with one of his high-precision technological sets at SonarClub (Sónar by Night).


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If this is the type of inspiration you get from a single performance at the Guggenheim, I can only imagine what it is like inside the mind of Plastikman… Maybe it is a dark place, a beautiful place… Maybe I lack the strength to last five minutes there, but I would like to try!

And in other related Plastikman news... On Richie’s birthday earlier this week, to work us all into a frenzy, he debuted the below preview of EX, his live album recorded at the Guggenheim. It has been announced for digital release on June 10, and vinyl, CD, and limited edition SubPac bundle on July 14, all via MINUS/Mute.

Hawtin’s renowned minimalism is evident in this preview, and his practice of less is more ideology is back. As it previously transformed the electronic sound of the 90’s, he’s about to radically redefine the techno terms of engagement once again. It’s a very exciting time to be listening to techno people!

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