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Hire These Ghost Producers If You Want Instant SUCKcess


Hire These Ghost Producers If You Want Instant SUCKcess

When it comes to spam, the step below Nigerian Prince levels has to be posting links to crap in the comment threads of blogs.  We see these all the time for casinos, boob/dick growing potions, and of course the inevitable "please listen to my demo" soundcloud links.

We usually delete these as we find them, but just today we discovered one from some ghost producers that we are going to not only let live in the thread, but also promote on the blog roll and share on Facebook/Twitter.

Here is their advertisement comment:

Hello, we are Dream Vibers. You can find our productions via souncloud
Search us at almost all categories and if you like our song, hire us as your ghost producers.
We're very good at this, we've been working for this a long time, and we can produce you best tracks ever.
Conctact us on facebook or via email on !

"Best tracks ever"- their words, not ours. To be honest, we really don't have a favorite, because all of their productions are just so tight!

Here are some of the ones that we think will to skyrocket you to the arena of what we like to call SUCKcess:

"Playboy Art"

This is what it sounds like when you go to YouPorn, search "vintage", press play, and have a really slow internet connection.

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"Trap Party"

It's kinda like Garrix's "Animals" but all trapped out for the 'hood set. That is if Borat is mayor of your 'hood.

"My World"

If you're like most producers, you've spent hours in the studio trying to figure out how to capture that beautiful "mosquito buzzing in my ear" noise. Well, the Dream Killers, um Vibers have found it. And some fucked up tea-pot blowing slash skin flute playing sound.


If you buy this song, we hope it comes with a free time machine that takes you back to Summer of 2012, because that's the only time this track every would have had a chance (however slight) to make it. It was posted 11 days ago.

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