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Industry Spotlight: Going Beyond Social Media To Promote Your DJ Career?


Industry Spotlight: Going Beyond Social Media To Promote Your DJ Career?

Magnetic Speaks With Web2 Protocol On Getting Beyond Social Media With A Great Website

So you are an up-and-comer  and you are trying to make some noise with your online branding to kick your DJ career into action. You’ve got your social media on lock from Facebook to Twitter to Soundcloud but you’ve put off building yourself a proper website. It’s too expensive… It takes too long… I don’t need one?

What’s the advantage of having your own URL? Will it really help your DJ Career? Lot’s of things, but let’s start with overall image. Everything you do should look professional from your logo to the customization of your social media portals. If you want to be perceived as a big deal you have to create the branding to go along with it. Every major DJ/Producer has their own website that represents their brand, so think like a major leaguer not a start-up.

What are the other benefits beside’s just looking like a big shot? First it’s great for your fans as they can find all of your details in one place and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization for you newbies) doesn’t hurt either. Second you can send just one link out to clubs/agents/managers/labels etc. that you are trying to do business with instead of 4 social media links. One stop shop!

One of our favorite new companies in the promotional collateral game is Web2 Protocol, they are doing some amazing work and offer website builds that are affordable and will give you the look and content that you need to boost your online profile.

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The cost is roughly $1200 and the turn around time is between 2-5 days for a complete build out. So in one week or less you can be fully up and running with your own branded site. The Web2 protocol guys will also monitor your site to make sure everything is going smoothly and if you need any help they provide full technical support once the site is built and rocking. Think of it as a bumper to bumper full service warranty on your site.

To learn more about the the Web2 Protocol guys and what their services check out the link here.

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