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Isqa - Melancolor EP [DUSTLA]

Coming out today on DUSTLA, Isqa's new Melancolor EP strives to break genre boundaries. Sporting four very diverse, very well-produced track, the EP does a very good job of showcasing what both Isqa and DUSTLA are all about.

The opening track 'Control' is a wild and discordant dubstep track. It's not the typical thing you'd hear at the club, it's not gonna get everyone jumping; however, its subtle melodic arrangements alongside harsh, grinding basslines are perfect for getting the crowd hyped. Next up is 'Too Real Morison,' glitch hop with a very liquid quality to it. The bassline literally sounds like drops of water, and it produces an incredible effect over the wailing SAWs and flighty lead synths. 'Melancolor' is the title track of the EP and it deserves it, too. With its beautiful synths and sharp bass stabs, this glitchy track has got groove comparable to a Griz or Gramatik tune.

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Last but not least is 'Red' which comes as dubstep disguised as glitch hop. So many of the elements match a glitch track but with a dubstep tempo that slowly draws you in and envelops you. The relaxed synths and subtle, quiet background sounds work to surround you with sound, which it does beautifully.

Buy the Isqa Melancolor EP on iTunes .

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