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Kaskade Gets Kicked Off Of Soundcloud

Kaskade Gets Kicked Off Of Soundcloud

What do you get when you replace human common sense with artificial intelligence? Besides a machine-heavy Armageddon, you get pissed off DJ's. Soundcloud, the famous online music platform has recently removed over 70% of house pioneer Kaskade's music. For what reason? Copyright issues. Soundcloud's "automated content protection service" basically works as a segway security officer, removing music that is presumably owned by another individual or business. Yes, even from big names like Kaskade.

This copyright campaign was put in motion to protect music & the rights of those who create it, but its actual findings are bound to be detrimental to EDM Culture and quite possibly the music industry as a whole. With multiple remixes, edits and borrowed melodies utilized throughout music production among numerous artists, this system is destined for failure. Upcoming artists who are looking to showcase their work, established producers making the next big remix, and seasoned DJ's uploading their sets - all will fall victim to this act of protection.

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Luckily, when you're one of the most recognized faces in EDM Culture, you have deep connections. The alleged copyright issue was personally addressed with the Ultra Music label, and the tracks were restored to his Soundcloud profile. Kaskade goes on to say via Twitter that he will be entertaining the idea of constructing his own online music platform, where he will continue to upload his music for his fans.

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