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Listen To 3 Songs Off Of The New deadmau5 Album

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Listen To 3 Songs Off Of The New deadmau5 Album

deadmau5' new album While (1<2) is quickly emerging as one of the most anticipated EDM releases of the year. Just officially announced as a 25 track, two disc bohemyth last month, mau5heads and run-of-the-mill fans alike have been hitting the interwebs and alike looking for previews (or leaks!) and discussing the tracks.

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So far there have just been three "official" previews of songs, rolling out pretty steadily over the past few weeks. We've combined them all here for you to check out. For the complete track listing, click here.

1. "Avarita"

First appearing on the Seven Deadly Sins EP, Joel also played this track for his controversial Ultra 2014 set. This full version debuted with the album announcement:

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2. "Seeya"

Marked by most as a "massive shift" in sound, "Seeya" is a funky, indie dance groover.

3. Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer

Officially premiering on Rolling Stone yesterday, Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer first popped op on Soundcloud and was also featured in the mau5' Ultra set.

While (1<2) is available for pre-order now on iTunes. You get an instant download of all three tracks above with pre-order purchase. The official release date is June 17th, 2014.

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