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Magnetic Magazine's FreshLIST - Our freshest picks on YouTube

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Magnetic Magazine's FreshLIST has been sourced from the digital ether and curated into a weekly video series for your listening pleasure. With the FreshLIST, you'll find the five latest highlights uploaded to our YouTube channel: the selection is diverse, the quality is high, and the music is certified fresh.

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Seagoat - Comfort Girl

With a Sufjan Stevens quality to the vocals, this is a fantastical journey through the world of synth possiblities.

Stereo MCs - Good Feeling (Terranova Remix)

A dark groove carries this new tune, but a slow positive crescendo strengthens and completes the song perfectly.

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OTTER - Pull It

Here we have a subtle bass house tune from Otter. It's a dance floor filler with a summertime vibe.

Lana Del Rey - Brooklyn Baby (SBΛCΞ Sad Girl Trap Remix)

Chill trap, sad trap... There's something special going on with trap where it's slowing down a bit, and getting a touch nostalgic, romantic... SBΛCΞ puts up a great remix of 2014's darling Lana Del Rey's Brooklyn Baby.

Zebidiah - Unpremitated (Brassica Remix)

Keeping the retro vibe alive, this gem sounds like it's learned a lot from the 80's, but it's very contemporary. I enjoy the found sound background vocal.

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