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Need some Disco? We Recommend Partyfine Vol. 1


The Partyfine Vol. 1 is a supremely solid modern disco inspired compilation. It is dance certified, and I was not expecting it to have so many dancepunk elements, so that was a pleasant surprise. I would say James Murphy would be a fan of this compilation, and that’s a very bold statement if you are familiar with the man behind the dancepunk and disco supporting DFA record label… Essentially, a listener really gets a feel for how Yuksek has defined his label, and how well curated it is. Partyfine appears to be positioned as one of the labels that will carry the torch and keep the disco vibe alive, and a bit more than that though, Paryfine allows it to thrive.

There is a noticeable and definitive Partyfine sound at play in this compilation. All of the songs are well selected and well placed. If you want a fun party compilation to put on that is contemporary but will age well, then this is a compilation you should have in your repertoire. It goes deep, it goes relaxed, it’s fun and playful, and overall it’s one hour and six minutes of just a damn fine party.

Here are my top six favorite tunes from the first Partyfine compilation. You can listen to it now on Spotify, or buy your own copy when it releases on June 16, 2014.

”Truth” Yuksek, Juveniles

It possesses a Darkside goes dancepunk quality. Romance with a hint of heartache in the singer's voice, and the strong musical arrangement fills out the remainder of the song with overflowing energy, but at a subdued pace.

”If I” Villa

Funky basslines lead to damn good times. The Laidback lead vocalist is the epitome of cool, and this is the perfect song to melt to on the dancefloor, just let yourself go and party party. Be polite to your fellow dancers though…

”Sneaky” Michael Garçon

I've got a fever and the only remedy is more disco! A classic disco delight delivered by Michael Garçon. This tune inspires an ideal image of a seventies party fully equipped with sexy babes and a lit up disco dancefloor. It also has a bit of a hint of Jamiroquai to it, and I fully support that.

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”Give You Up” Darius Edit, Crayon KLP

Deep disco should be a priority in your life. A whispery vocal and a disclosure-esque production dance together to deliver an infectious composition that is going to give you the ability to groove for days upon end.

”Les Voiles” Poom

French lyrics that I do not understand take me away to the shore, an amorous journey for four minutes and thirty three seconds. It’s ethereal and romantic in its duet, but perfect to kick a party towards the right trajectory to take off.

”Don’t Miss” The Alexanders, Anna Lunoe

The Alexanders, composed of Yuksek and Alex Metric, provide a great beat, and Anna Lunoe lends her amazing voice to create an almost DFA style banger. This is the song that takes you away, and your night along with it. Don’t miss this one, it’s going to stick with you for a while.

Check out the whole compilation today on Spotify!

Or pick your own copy when it comes out on June 16 on iTunes

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