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New Electronic Music Chart: Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week


It's festival season! ...which means it's time to get a good listen to some original works before diving headfirst into the onslaught of gimmicks. This week's Top 10 Dubstep songs features a lot of deepness and heaviness, and I had a lot of fun listening to all of it. {Initiating Summer Pun} COOL OFF FROM THE HEAT BY DIVING INTO THESE DEEP TRACKS.

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Arkasia - "Gravity"
I was literally hooked on this song as soon as it started. Arkasia sets a beautiful atmosphere and then cuts the tension with one of the most intense dubstep segments I've heard. After the song was over, Soundcloud "recommended" I listen to a Selfie remix. Arkasia: please make more beautiful, original music so that I never have to be forced to listen to house remixes of house songs.

Moody Good - "Hotplate feat. Knytro"
Did Hotplate already come out like two months ago? Yup. Am I posting it again because Moody Good's release is the best thing? YUUUUUUUUP. I realize that making ambient intros to house tracks is the only kind of "originality" that EDM cares for at the moment, but you really owe it to yourself to listen to this release front to back. It is sincerely going to be one of the top releases of this year.

Mono, "In The Half Light (Clearlight Remix)"
Dark. Foreboding. Spooky adjective. Clearlight takes what was already a great track from Mono and drags it deep into the forest in the middle of the night. The rhythm elements of this song are incredibly on point, and that allows the deep bass to penetrate into your mind further.

Deon Custom, "Bliss"
One of the tags for this song is "technicolour" and I think that's so spot on. If ever there was a soundtrack for being in a video game world piloting some sort of spaceship, this whole release would be it. I implore you to check this cat out.

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COMMIT, "Jupiter"
This track is really good. Like, really, really good. Lots of excellent rhythmic elements paired with heavy, unfaltering bass. I love tracks that set a tone and don't compromise with it.

We Bang, "SkullFuck"
Speaking of heavy, dark, foreboding, uncompromising, and other spooky adjectives- OH MY GOODNESS THIS TRACK. The amount of space in this track really brings the heaviness out, and that's why We Bang is such a great producer.

Alpha Noize, "Destiny"
If I'm being honest, I was sold pretty quickly on this song because of the synth trumpets. I was not wrong to trust so easily, because the tom rolls bring in a funky, heavy dubstep banger that had me nodding my head from my desk. This is an amazing track.

M.A.W., "Purple"
A very minimal song at the start quickly builds up steam and then constantly builds until the end. The break in the middle of the song serves only to give you a brief breath before diving back into the depths. This is an amazingly claustrophobic song, and I love it.

Pegboard Nerds, "Here It Comes"
Pegboard Nerds continue to be one of the most forward thinking groups in all of electronic music. In this song, they bring some of the elements that have over-saturated the house scene to replace the elements that have over-saturated the dubstep scene. You're left with a high energy banger that has a lot of movement.

Enji, "Ignorance"
I'm a huge fan of the drop of this song. The dark orchestral elements are a red herring, which makes the atonal heavy section hit that much harder. I also love the space that was used in the heavy sections. Overall, this is a great song.

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