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New Electronic Music- Top 10 Electro/Progressive House- June 11, 2014


New Electronic Music- Top 10 Electro/Progressive House- June 11, 2014

We're kicking it into 10th gear for this week's new electronic music. Summer's here and we aren't sparing anyone's ear drums here. More bass will make you stronger. Wiwek kicks this chart off with some tribal insanity, followed closely by some Dirty Dutch, a progressive breather, then Revealed Recordings' latest madness and so on.

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1. "G.M.A.F.B." Wiwek, Smash The House

Wiwek is definitely one of the top talents out there in the current big room scene, and here's why. This track sounds like none other. I don't know what the vocals are saying at first, but then they seem to start to say "kick" which is fitting because this bananas beat makes me want to kick random shit. I hope you feel the same way. Out now.

2. "That's My Jam" Shelco Garcia & TEENWOLF, Mixmash Records

I'm glad to see these two producers' names keep popping up on the Mixmash Records label. An absolutely Dirty Dutch-style synth line on this one. Out June 16th.

3. "Bright Lights" Syn Cole, Icons Music

Here's a refreshing progressive-sounding track in a sea of big room bangers. Syn Cole's uplifting and insanely energetic signature sound will brighten up your playlist. Out June 17th.

4. "Radical" Dyro & Dannic, Revealed Recordings

I've never ceased singing Dyro and Dannic's praises, and now they've combined their raw, uncontainable electronic sounds into their collab "Radical." This one is sure to set fire to festivals across the globe this summer. Out June 16th.

5. "Moving On" Stonebank feat. EMEL, Monstercat

Soulful female vocals start off the track and help us move on with our lives. Once we've moved on, we're hit by an insane high-pitched buildup, vocal distortions and a dub step synth-injected electro drop. Out now.

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6. "Get Ready" JoeySuki, Ultra Music

I've been watching JoeySuki since late last year, and here we have a dancefloor destroyer on our hands. The drop is preceded by an amped vocal drop and a laser sound effect that is sure to excite the inner nerd in all of us (StarCraft battlecruisers anyone?). Out June 27th.

7. "Guitar Hero" HouseTwins VS Johnny Gerontakis, Sugar Faktory

Here's a fun banger by fresh talent to jam out to. Like the name hints, this track by HouseTwins and Gerontakis features a heavy electric guitar riff synth over a quaking bassline. Out now.

8. "Smash" Ummet Ozcan, Spinnin' Records

This festival banger bears Ummet's monstrous signature sound. Fitting with the track's title, Ummet will be taking requests for items to smash in pics and videos he will be posting on every week. All you have to is post the item you want him to smash on Instagram using #UMMETSMASH! Out soon.

9. "Takin' It Back" Henry Fong

LA producer Henry Fong takes it back to the old school with this acid house-infused banger complete with serious drums and "old school" vocal drops. Available as a free download via the SoundCloud stream below.

10. "Wildfire" Borgeous, Doorn Records

Based in LA, Borgeous continues to lead the American Big Room vanguard. Vibrant vocals sing the song's namesake, preceding an epic orchestral drop. Out now.

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