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New Electronic Music - Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance Chart


There is a lot going on in the world and this week’s Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance chart is no exception. The songs selected this week have a significant degree of substance to them, plenty of heavy subject matter is addressed, and big emotions are dealt with and elicited. There is plenty of innovation and so much creativity in the choices I put forth to you, so keep an open mind, and maybe a little bit of an open heart. I think you will find it easy to fall in love with some of these songs, or maybe even some of these songs would be perfect to have playing as you fall in love… Just thoughts and suggestions, do with them what you will. Just press play and see where it all takes you.

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1. “I Try To Talk To You (Seth Troxler Extended NYC Mix)” Hercules & Love Affair, Atlantic Recording Corporation
Seth Troxler remixes a great socially aware tune from Hercules & Love Affair. It’s a disco delight that touches on some pretty heavy subject matter, this song goes very deep.

2. “FM Jam” Youandewan, Aus Music
Entrancing, hypnotizing, almost prophetic when you listen to this tune. You can see the future, and in that future, I see an amazing party. Let this baby lull you into a disco dream, and dance it up.

3. “Disco Gangster (MAXIMONO Remix)” Marc Poppcke, Crossfrontier Audio
There is a bit of a ghettotech vibe at play in this remix, but it maintains a funky focus. The police sirens enhance it as well, give it a fuller body. Also giving it a necessary subtle note of violence that makes it a very well layered piece of music.

4. “Mirror Mirror” Austin Groove, Main Course
It’s slow, but its eyes are on the prize. Austin Groove delivers what is described as a vibed out disco funk instrumental, and we need more of this in the world.

5. “Such Thing (Sebb Aston Remix)” Naor, Spirit Soul Records
Be very careful and wear protective gear when handling this remix from Sebb Aston of Naor. It has the potential to absolutely crush and destroy. I would suggest you drop this midway through a set when everyone is least expecting it...

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6. “Others” Nimmo And the Gauntletts, Kitsune Maison
This is a great song, amazing lead singer, I can’t wait for this band’s long career. I also have to highly recommend the entire EP, they have some serious remixers with Joe Goddard & Wild Beasts having a go with their own interpretations.

7. “Glass Body” Soft As Snow, Houndstooth
An indie pop tune, and let’s emphasize the indie here. Houndstooth, the label of London’s renowned Fabric nightclub, is an uncompromising label that picks out only the boldest releases. Soft As Snow’s experimental pop, minimal wave is quite pleasant, bordering on wonderful.

8. “We Can Go Everywhere (Richard Rossa Remix)” Local Suicides
Have you ever made a playlist, and right when you get down to the last song, you just don’t know what to pick? Well, I was there, and then suddenly, I literally fell on this amazing bit of disco disco.

9. “Fantasies feat. Mystery Roar” Tuck Diggz, Soul Clap Records
This is a song to fall in love to. Better yet, this a song to fall in love with. Tuck Diggz is doing everything right, and Mystery Roar’s voice is everything right. So much right going on in this song. It’s soulful, bit of future R’n’B and liquid in its lazy pace.

10. “Gonna Get You (Teenage Mutants & Purple Disco Machine Remix)” Sharam Jey & Night Talk, Bunny Tiger Music
I enjoy the drama that resounds and enables this song to hit home. Groovy and sleek, but it’s got some claws like a tiger. Maybe it’s the Bunny Tiger logo acting subconsciously, but I feel my description is accurate.

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