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New Electronic Music - Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance Chart


This week in the land of Magnetic Magazine’s Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance Chart, it is all about the party vibe. These are the songs that demand you to be limber, to be properly exercised and stretched, because your legs and arms are going to want to explore some uncharted dance territory. To be honest, I am having a hard time sitting still writing this paragraph as I am listening to these selections. They are disco approved, danceable and funk tested. Get your groove on, and funk yourself across the universe, it’s time for good choons!

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1. “Get Down 2 Get Up” Mat Zo ft. The Knocks
Mat Zo is a man that’s out to redefine himself, and he will not be constrained by genre, no sir, he’s no one trick pony. The vocoder usage in this tune is funky fresh. The Knocks and Mat Zo have a certified hit here ladies and gents!

2. “Undefeated” Amtrac, Armada Music
I’ve been following Amtrac for a while now, and the dude is on nothing but an upward trajectory. After opening for Kaskade on his most recent tour, Amtrac is back with a song that’s got all of his signature components, the way he works with vocals is unparalleled. More please!

3. “Mad Man” Ranacat, Mobilee
Melodic moves and a driving positive vibe fulfill this nu-disco number from Ranacat. It feels so good to sway to, like a warm breeze. Yeah, this is one of those song’s that speaks directly to the soul, without any words of course.

4. “The Same feat. Irfane” Riton, Ed Banger Records
A master of techno with a well established nu-disco vocalist, I mean I’m not opposed. In fact, I’m all for it. Riton’s put a harder edge on indie dance here, although it’s aggressive and stylish, think of it as a bad ass leather jacket.

5. “Catch” Kill Me Softly feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley, Nude Disco Records
Perfect daytime disco delight coming at you right here. Jane Elizabeth Hanley, I have a crush on your whispery voice. Take me back to the 80’s, let’s wear spandex and fall in love, and dance the night away all to this slice of heaven called Catch by Kill Me Softly.

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6. “Somebody Say” Kolombo & SION, LouLou Records
The funk can have a shady side, and this collaboration of Kolombo & SION throws some shade on that indie dance. The breakdown at the minute mark is just what I needed to hear.

7. “Europa Geht Durch Mich (Erol Alkin’s Mesmerise Zwei Rework)” Manic Street Preachers, Phantasy Sound
Erol Alkan really needs no introduction, only one of the finest DJ’s out there. His reworks are the thing of legend, and truly demonstrate the limitless potential of the imagination and creative capacity of the human mind. This tune is a euphoric dream.

8. “Zig Zags (Rob Made & The Cool Cats Edit)” The Cool Cats, Sleazy G
Sexy gangsta funk right here, it’s g house with a funkier side to it, making it a perfect fit for a disco set. You can bust some serious moves to this one… Be sure to stretch beforehand.

9. “Gust of Wind (Autograf Remix)” Pharrell Williams ft. Daft Punk
If you thought that it was impossible to one up the robots in the disco game, take a listen and let me know if you still think it’s impossible. Autograf you really improved on the original, and made something special.

10. “San Remo” Mason, Animal Language
The crescendo of the song is wonderful, and once you’re on top of the climax, it keeps going and going with the synths. This is the song you drop to light the party on fire.

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