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New Electronic Music - Top Techno Chart of the Week


Techno! Who wants their Techno? We got your Techno! Magnetic’s Top Techno Chart says what’s up party people! Friday is no day for silence, neither is the weekend, it’s a time to celebrate how hard you work for this thing called life. Out there in the scene, over the weekend, that’s where real life happens. Also, that’s where you can find some damn good techno living and breathing, doing it’s thing in the wild. So, I’ve dove deep into the caverns of good music this week. I’ve come to the surface with some real gems that are fresh out of the volcanic techno oven. Please bear this in mind, we have some very deep, dark techno here for your consumption, so prepare for some strong tunes.

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1. “EX” Plastikman
He’s back. It’s been a while, some might say a bit too long… But the man of the plastik category is back! Richie’s got an album coming out soon, just you wait, and he’s brought Plastikman back in a big way! Here’s a preview he gave out as a birthday present from him to us. What a charitable lad!

2. “The Caravan” Matrixxman, Spectral Sound
When some of the best French techno producers (Club Cheval) tell you their number one techno producer to listen to is Matrixxman… You listen to him right away. I was already a fan on the periphery, but now I’m front and center for this great new release! It reminds me of some of the more driving, anxious songs on The Drive soundtrack, a subtle violence hiding in the rhythm.

3. “Rub” Chambray, Ultramajic
It’s a young label, but it’s changing the house and techno game in a big way. It’s their first unknown artist release, and Chambray will not be a secret for long. Keep your eyes on this dude. So, do as Ultramajic advises, put his new EP on in a club, watch it go boom.

4. “Sky and Sand (Robag’s Borsi Alpakka Rehand)” Paul Kalkbrenner x Robag Wruhme, Paul Kalkbrenner Musik
For your health, here is a touch of deep techno. I prescribe it to your soul, it’s got all of the positive cosmic nutrients you could ever need. Relaxing and spatial, this is some great futurist techno at its finest.

5. “Stupid Things I Do” Randomer, Clone Basement Series
Next up we have a tune recommended by Tiga as a personal recent favorite of his to drop in sets. It’s got some old school flourishes about it, but it’s innovative in a contemporary context. I rolls all together quite nicely, yet each section being thematically distinct.

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6. “Lost” Dhillon, Drumcode
The momentum on Dhillon’s latest work is a juggernaut of sorts. You do get lost in its forward motion, throbbing and rolling straight on ahead. Very dark techno, bring a flashlight. By the way, this is Jeremy Olander's techno identity, no big deal.

7. “Minotaure (Modek Remix)” MOLECULE, Mille Feuilles
This is techno to dance to, great variety and love the thematic narrative movement it has. It tells you a sonic story, but you’re a character in that story. So you better get moving, it’s asking you to dance!

8. “ENTER.Space” Maceo Plex, Minus
Maceo Plex was inspired by Richie Hawtin’s Ibizan event ENTER.Space, so he wrote a song about it. Last summer Maceo Plex did put on quite show at ENTER.Space, glad he commemorates those feels here.

9. “Gradient“ Akkord, Monkeytown Records
I have been waiting to chart a tune off of Monkeytown Records for ages! Akkord delivers a awesome techno, very metallic and dark. It’s got that sinister vibe that feels so good.

10. “Acid Eiffel” Laurent Garnier, Bedrock Records
Sometimes the right time to time travel is right now, and so I am cheating, this isn’t the latest and greatest in techno in the past month, this is techno from 1993. Released again on Bedrock, you’ve got Laurent Garnier with a hit back in the day. He’s come a long way, but god damn did he have it back then.

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