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New Electronic Music - Top Techno Chart


Although it may be summer out, there is a bit of darkness at work in this week’s Top Techno Chart. A decent amount of innovation and exploration is at work with the highlights I have picked for your consumption and consideration this week. These producers are all flexing their creative muscles, and delving into uncharted territory, so it’s no surprise we are going into darker waters. I am not saying you should be afraid, you should just be aware that there are some very cool choons for you to listen to, many being very engaging, and thought provoking productions in the dark techno genre. It’s time to dive back into the technoverse.

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1. “Papageno (ft Waa Industry)” Kolsch, Kompakt
Who knew the usage of a kazoo could be so perfect? Melodic and a little bit crazy, the vocal and the piano pair ever so nicely. Kolsch is on a different level.

2. “Giga” Leonardo Gonnelli, Mattew Jay, Tronic
A tune that takes you right into the belly of the techno beast. Featured on Tronic’s Off Sonar compilation, this is a tune that will definitely not help any FOMO about Sonar you may have already...

3. Two Hundred EP by Perc & Truss, Perc Trax Ltd
I do not often post entire EP previews on here, I believe this is a first, but this EP has a sound that is unique. Strong, innovative, out there, but still coherent. I can’t wait for the full release, and better yet, I can’t wait to see these gentlemen perform live...

4. “In Your Bones (Craig Williams remix)” Crooked Colours, sweat it out
This is the type of song you bounce around all over the dance floor to. It’s fun, innovative and a just a fantastic remix.

5. “B.A.H.G.T.F.O.” Delivery, L.A. Club Resource
Shadowy and ethereal, this is one techno themed dream. Could be a nightmare, could be an amazing warehouse party; either way, it’ll keep you very well entertained.

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6. “LSD” Alex Smoke, R&S Records
A sublime track that is amazingly well produced. It’s one of those tracks I heard and instantly fell in love with it as a beautiful work of art. Alex Smoke is to be taken seriously and appreciated.

7. “Merry Go Round” Brendon Moeller
Dub techno is a newer genre to me, I’ve seen it, liked what I have seen, but haven’t really considered its full potential. Brendon Moeller a recognized producer in the genre just uploaded this onto his soundcloud, so you should check it out. Also check out Fact Mag’s top 25 best dub techno tracks of all time.

8. “Fool Drive” Phran, Klasse Recordings
There’s a revolutionary quality that Phran capitalizes upon here, and I mean this song spins you right round and round. I enjoy the exotic drumbeats, provides some crucial cultural flavor.

9. “Million Units” Stefano Noferini & Paco Maroto, Deep Perfect
One cool song here. It goes deep, and it will take your hand and lead to the right party if you're not feeling it yet. Within 2 seconds, I knew this one was a winner.

10. “The Purge” Gavin Russom, Entropy Trax
Let’s just let Mr. Russom tell you about the song himself… "I think of this as a meditation on the transformative power of illness. Cathartic purging and even the use of drugs to replicate states of extreme illness is a part of many healing traditions interestingly enough. In fact, after titling the track, I read in Jonathon Miller Weisberger's fantastic new book 'Rainforest Medicine' that in the urban version of the Yage ceremony the plant concoction they use is called 'La Purga' - literally 'The Purge' in Spanish."

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