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New Electronic Music - Top Techno Selections


Techno is a genre for the futurists, for those who look to the temporal horizon and consider what is next. In this week’s Top Techno selections we have some next level thinkers with the best of intentions to move this techno game forward. There are some strong remixes and even stronger original productions, and it’s all guaranteed to power any party through the dark of night. Take time for techno, it’s good for you health, and the right time for techno is right now. Let's be honest, if anything, heaven is a techno warehouse party...

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1. “Holographic Universe” Leftwing & Kody, Suara
Leftwing & Kody bring their innovative sound to the kitty label, and you need to listen to this right meow. The perfect techno to keep you techno kittens dancing all night long until your paws can take no more.

2. “Mermaid of Salinas (Boris Brejcha Remix)” Basement Jaxx, Atlantic Jaxx Recordings Ltd.
What a minimal remix… He distills the ever eclectic Basement Jaxx, and then builds it all back up. Innovative producing on this tune, it’ll light a creative fire and bump those speakers.

3. “I Can’t Stop” Weiss, Toolroom Records
Sex tech house, that’s what this is. This is a groover, a roller, it’ll keep the energy going and going. I mean, it’s pretty honest in that it can’t stop...

4. “Safi” Midland, Autonomous Africa & Above Board
Midland is a producer that pays it forward. This is the third Autonomous Africa EP, with each EP release all proceeds are donated to a charity in Africa. Midland grew up in Tanzania and bis parents run Mtandika Mission, and you can bet this track not only sounds good, but it does some good. Buy it ASAP and make the world a better place.

5. “My Little Universe (Sante Remix)” Depeche Mode, Columbia Records
Blown away by this Depeche Mode remix, doesn’t feel like a remix to be honest, more like a collaboration.

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6. “Smiling” Gary Beck, BEK Audio
Gary Beck is titanic techno. It starts out gnarly, a touch grisly, but that angelic vocal adds a transcendent layer that makes this whole tune magical.

7. “Polyus (Perc Remix)” Rekord 61, Konstruktiv
When it hits that one minute mark, things get real serious. Rekord 61 laid down quite a tune, and Perc spiced it up real nice. Rekord 61 is a russian import that needs to become a regular fixture and Perc is absolutely the producer to watch in the techno game right now. He’s doing some big things, and please keep ‘em coming.

8. “Empire” Bixel Boys, Sweat It Out
Los Angelinos that deliver a great tech inspired and infused tune. Anyone that’s bringing that techno sound to the arena level, you’ve got my support. Be sure to catch these boys on tour this summer, guaranteed party.

9. “Let’s Sweat” Artifact, Saints and Sonnets
Artifect delivers a great release on Huxley’s Saints and Sonnets label. Dark and seductive, that vocal is alluring, entrancing, got me dancing.

10. “The Path” Martinez, Concealed Sounds
A mellow production that invites you in with its subtlety, but once you listen deeper, there’s so much going on. Great job commanding focus and pulling the listener in, but then you notice you’re dancing too...

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