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New Electronic Music - Top Techno Selections


There are a lot of personal favorites in this Top Techno chart, so you’ll be getting a real insight into what’s really moving me in the techno genre as of late. Also, if you are living under a rock, this weekend is a big weekend for those venturing out to Vegas to embrace the PLUR under the electric sky. With that being said, I will keep it short and sweet, if you are going to EDC, go spend as much time with Carl Cox as possible, for your techno and for your health. Now let’s play some solid techno tunes!

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1. “Turn Around (Ame Remix)” Sailor & I, Life & Death
I experienced the majesty of this song first hand when Dixon closed his Coachella set with it. I re-encountered it during a Tale of Us set… This is my personal pick for song of 2014… Yeah, I know it’s serious, and all the best in techno are all about it, so you should give it a shot too.

2. “Return” Dosem, Intec Digital
I’ll be honest, Dosem is probably my favorite techno producer out there. There’s something special about his brand of techno, and with his latest release off of Intec, he’s true to form.

3. “Reflections” Sub Washer, Double Bass Records
Subdued strength, and I dig the depth that is added through the effective layering and echoing. This song is madness, but beautiful insanity.

4. “Lovers’ Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya)” Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons
Damian Lazarus is on another level. Tribal experimental techno, do I really need to say anything more to get you excited? Get ready to groove.

5. “Everything (Loco Dice Remix)” Neneh Cherry, Smalltown Super Sound
Loco Dice is a techno guru that can groove for days. A master of the minimal, and a definitive titan in the techno genre, he works his magic and this remix is hot lava erupting into the sky.

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6. “Ring Out” Variete, Origami Sound
Turn the volume up on this selection, it’s got a lot of power and needs the full potential of your sound system to get where it needs to be.

7. “A Matter of Time (Marcel Dettman Remix)” Dillon, BPitch Control
I love the introduction! Creepy and disjointed, and then drops right into a haunting groove...

8. “Phaze # 1” Automat, Mille Feuilles
This is song is a scoundrel, getting into all sorts of trouble. Definitely need some room for bigger dance moves with this wokr by Automat.

9. “51 Degrees Nord (Gregor Tresher Remix)” Eelke Kleijn, Suara
Gregor Tresher is having a good year, and so is Suara for that matter. I love everything about this song, it really covers a vast area of the techno spectrum, and he’s got such a way with melody. Oh man, it feels so good when the energy level climaxes and that bassline starts pounding.

10. “Rooted” Nicole Moudaber, Drumcode
Oh what a cool, calm, calculated stylish techno tune Nicole Moudaber gives us. Danceable for days, and innovative in all the right ways.

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