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Noisecontrollers Release "Down Down" On Q-Dance Records


Following the release of this year's chart topping full-length album comes Down Down from hardstyle heavyweight, Noisecontrollers. Debuted as a four minute preview track on the album, Down Down has finally unveiled the remaining two and a half minutes of pure, mind-messing hardstyle. The track itself is like a dimly lit road, with spikes of light and waves of mystery around every turn. As a listener, you don't quite know what to expect next, and that's perfectly alright.

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Down Down begins with a steady kickdrum intro, and slowly fades into a dark folk-like lyrical breakdown. It's like the Wild West meets the Matrix - it's unexplainable, exciting and alluring. Vocally, the track is on a completely different level than any hardstyle track currently on the market. Driven by mystery, rooted in culture and projected with a soft richness, the vocals are without a doubt the highlight of this masterpiece.

Surprise elements continue to twist their way through the soundwaves, a steady 147BPM tempo and classic reverse basslines seep their way into the base of the track, contributing to an Old vs. New sound -- and it works. Just on the edge of euphoric measures, and hardly touching the ideas of screeches, Down Down keeps you on your toes and builds anticipation -- then brings you down with the addictive vocal riff. A tug-of-war, a balancing act, the track is an in-between space of darkness and light, happiness and confusion. It's a place we often find ourselves at in everyday life, put into the language of music. One of the most memorable tracks on All Around, the full length release will have you wanting even more.

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