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OVERWERK Talks Debut U.S. Tour, Production Prowess And Musical Theory

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OVERWERK Talks Debut U.S. Tour, Production Prowess And Musical Theory

Ontario, Canada based DJ and producer Edmond Huszar goes by the stage name of OVERWERK. The name stems from a project in his other passion- graphic design and also serves as a tribute to electronic music pioneers- KRAFTWERK.  He first broke on the scene in 2011 with his EP 'The Nth Degree'. While easily distinguished as modern and completely his own, the OVERWERK sound draws a strong influence from French electro with some progressive house elemements. He has just announced a debut North American tour this summer, hitting major cities like Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago and many more.

It seems like "over work" will be an understatement for Huszar during these warm months, especially with some pretty big acts in the pipeline in addition to the tour. Never one to stop, he gave us a break down for us the inspiration behind the tour, his music and how he approaches production. The complete tour dates follow, with Denver just being announced today.

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So your tour kicks off July 4th in Seattle- Congrats! What is your inspiration for this tour?

Thank you. The US is a place I really haven’t played much. All my social analytics tell me its one of my biggest markets and I’m always having requests to play US cities. Once I signed to SPIN Artist Agency, it made it possible to organize something this extensive.

Are there any cities you are particularly excited to play?

I’m really excited to just connect with all my fans. I know many have been waiting a long while for this. I’ve never travelled a great deal in the US so each city will be a new experience! I am excited to bring my music to many new people across the country.

It looks like the venues you are playing vary in size- some are more mega-clubs, and others are smaller lounges. Do you have a preference?

There a great things about each of them. The mega-clubs are great because they tend to have awesome production and sound systems, and the smaller venues are great because they are intimate and I can really riff off the vibes of the crowd. Variety is what keeps things exciting.

You had a chance to open for Avicii in Tornoto. How did the Avicii fans react to your music?

The Avicii crowd is a little different than my crowd. It was very young, very fresh to the scene. I adapted my set a bit, but they were definitely accepting of my sound and it was a really great night. Spencer Brown also played that night and his set was awesome!

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On your reddit AMA, it seems a lot of the question were focused on production. What is it about your music that you think draws attention from aspiring producers?

Hmmm… I feel like all artists inspire aspiring producers. But I am a very technical person, and technical exploration really drives me. Listeners can probably hear that depth in my productions.

In the same AMA, you state that you’re not trained in musical theory. How important do you think training is when it comes to electronic music?

I don’t know music theory, but I do know A LOT about sound itself. The science of audio and music is something I’ve always explored, and always try to educate myself in. I’m always pushing myself to improve the quality of my productions and I’m always exploring the best ways to achieve that. Knowledge is power and my music is always an application of that knowledge. When it comes to music theory though, my opinion is biased since I’ve never been classically trained.

On DJing and production, is there one that you prefer?

There is an art to a great DJ set, and I’ve actually been DJing longer than producing, but I prefer production. It’s the music that touches peoples lives. The art comes when I’m able to channel my creative energy and emotion into a cohesive package that represents my vision. DJ sets are just a means of performing those songs, the best way to put the art on display.

After the tour- What’s next?

Whenever I go around playing shows, the crowd reaction really helps me hone in on the perfect vibes for my next track. After shows I’m usually very inspired to make some new music. Until I get those going though, I have a bunch of releases lined up. I also have a music video in the works and plans to release that by the end of the tour - you can here a teaser of the track here:

OVERWERK U.S./North America Tour Dates. Tickets Available via Wantickets

Jul 04 Foundation Seattle, WA
Jul 05 CELEBRITIES Vancouver, Canada
Jul 10 MOTIV Santa Cruz, CA
Jul 11 Bang Bang San Diego, CA
Jul 12 Effex Albuquerque, NM
Jul 17 Beta Denver, CO
Jul 18 Create Los Angeles, CA
Jul 19 Ruby Skye San Francisco, CA
Jul 23 Kamps Oklahoma City, OK
Jul 24 Kingdom Austin, TX
Jul 25 Lizard Lounge Dallas, TX
Jul 26 Monarch Phoenix, AZ
Jul 27 Ameristar St Charles, MO
Jul 31 Firestone Live Orlando, FL
Aug 01 Opera Atlanta, GA
Aug 02 Veld Festival Toronto, Canada
Aug 08 Rise Boston, MA
Aug 09 Mansion Miami, FL
Aug 14 The Mid Chicago, IL
Aug 15 Static Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 16 Bamboo Bar (Day) Philadelphia, PA
Aug 16 Webster Hall (Night) New York, NY

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