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PREMIERE: Amtrac's Remix of Client Liaison "Free of Fear"


Something has gotten into Amtrac… His latest Undefeated/Primal EP was released under a month ago, and he now debuts a successful summery remix of Client Liaison’s “Free of Fear”. It’s got that signature Amtrac sound, but capitalizes on the fresh retro vibe of the original, delivering a great danceable song full of emotion and positive vibes.

Amtrac’s rework of the vocals is fun, playful and effective in drawing you further into the song; specifically the clever repetition of the echoing fight lyric throughout. There is a story at play here, full of drama and intrigue, and it all unfolds amidst a retro-futuristic 80’s setting… Just makes you want to put on your best 80’s attire (think miami vice or scar face) and fully embrace all the untapped potential of neon lighting. Clubs and dance floors beware, Amtrac is taking control of the dancefloor with this remix, best not to fight it, just dance with it. Oh, and that saxophone throughout the tune is an indisputable strength...

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