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Seven Stand Out Free Downloads of the Week

It's been a minute since I've posted my top free downloads of the week, but I've got car accidents to deal with, insurance companies to call, graduate schools to apply to, friendships to maintain, legs to shave and clothes to buy. Enjoy these free downloads, while I struggle to enjoy my life.

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More Free Downloads

A$AP Rocky, "Ghetto Symphony" (GANZ Flip)
Not enough artists give A$AP a chance to bump over a bassline. Thank you GANZ for showing us it can and should be done. Grab the free download and enjoy.

Grizfolk, "The Struggle" (Dawn Golden Remix)
Kick off your shoes, dig your feet in the sand, tug spears of grass with your little toes or soak up the heat of the asphalt. Take a seat wherever you're standing and let this rework make you feel fuzzy and free.

Ostra, "Zu-Zumba"
Channel your inner Spaniard and move to this little mexi-mix. You might even be able to trick your friends into thinking you're mildly cultured.

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2Pac, "Old School" (Cookin Soul Remix)
Don't crucify me for featuring a remix of 2Pac. Nothing tops the original, but I'm more than happy to acknowledge and show a little love for a solid revamp. Scope the free downie.

Spazzkid, "Flotus" (Flying Lotus Cover)
This track is chill, but still bubbly. Wash your sheets, make your bed and bump this when you lay down in your crisp clean coven of love.

Flume feat. Chet Faker, "Drop The Game" (The Golden Pony Remix)
A saxxy rework of one of Flume's relatively newer tracks. Same song, different vibe.

Chance The Rapper, "Paranoia" (Nosaj Thing)
Turn your mind down and the volume up. Close your eyes and open your ears. I love this song.

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