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Showtek Returns To Hardstyle

Showtek Returns To Hardstyle

True or False? According to the interwebs -- Showtek is returning to Hardstyle. The love/hate relationship between hardstyle and house has been long, confusing and a little exhausting for OG fans. The FTS generation of party goers wants it hard, in their faces with nothing but kickdrums. The Avicii generation? They want Booyah. C'mon kids, this shouldn't even be a debate. Iconic tracks VS Generic drops. Which would you choose?

Raver Memes breaks it down the alleged comeback for us;

"Dutch producers Showtek, after a lengthy adventure with new house music production, has shocked their fans by announcing a new hardstyle album that will hit the shelves in 2015, along with a tour spanning several different countries."

"Although we’ve had a blast with our new sound exploration, it never quite compared to the energy of hardstyle" member Wouter Janssen said in an interview. “We are very happy to announce going back to our roots and making new hard dance music for the fans who have been loyal since the beginning.”

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The artists have yet to either confirm or deny the statement. Showtek has had a successful run as a big-room house duo, traveling the world to drop beats and jump & down on stage, yelling and such. But there's a missing element, a piece of their performance that isn't quite there. The missing puzzle piece is nothing short of a reverse bassline. The hardstyle community was left speechless when the iconic duo shifted their sound, and will undoubtedly welcome them back with open arms. We can't help but wonder if this is part of something bigger? With the evolution of hardstyle in the U.S, could it be that Showtek had these shifts planned all along? Or is it all just a hoax?

Leave your thoughts in the thread below!

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