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Simian Mobile Disco announces new album “WHORL”


Electronic music staples Simian Mobile Disco announced their return today with their new album “Whorl,” out September 9. Simian Mobile Disco describes this album as “a composition based in the rich traditional of emotional, organic, melodic music from Tangerine Dream to Detroit Techno.” “Whorl” was recorded in real time under the desert sky – just two performers with two modular synthesizers. In April, they trekked out to the Southern California desert and over three days jammed and rehearsed in the desert, culminating in the new album / live project “Whorl.”

SMD’s latest project came out of their desire to challenge themselves – remove computers altogether, go back to hardware sequencers and limit themselves to a suitcase sized rack of modular synth gear each. This major change, while constraining them technically, allowed them to free themselves up musically. Jas, on the recording process - “The recordings we did in the studio while we were writing and rehearsing the new material for “Whorl” were simply "live" takes - the system we’re using has limited ability to save patterns in the sequencer, but nothing like the flexibility of a computer. Live performance and studio composition are essentially now the same process, rather than the common method of writing a track using the computer, and then working out ways to perform it live. We planned not to slavishly limit ourselves just to this performance - when we came to mixdown the album, we used portions of three sessions – the show itself, an extended jam we did in the desert the day before, and a little of our London studio rehearsal."

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Future live performances of Whorl are currently being planned, with a full list of tour dates to come – each show will be a live recreation of that recording process, so each time “Whorl” will be slightly different. The albums first single, “Tangents” (heard in the album preview video below), will drop on July 1, with the full album being released on September 9.

“Whorl” album tracklist:
1. Redshift
2. Dandelion Spheres
3. Sun Dogs
4. Hypnick Jerk
5. Dervish
6. Z Space
7. Nazard
8. Calyx
9. Jam Side Up
10. Tangents
11. Iron Henge
12. Casiopeia

Check out the album trailer:

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