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Sponsored Post: Watch Bottles Of Malibu Rum Sparkler Make A Summer Soundtrack


Summertime is now getting into full swing- the weather is warm, days are longer and the parties are only getting better- outdoors anyone?

And what's a better compliment to the perfect summertime weather than the perfect summertime drink. As the temperature warms up, light refreshing tastes are key to match the fresh air and sunny days. And since it is summer, that drink better have bubbles.  Enter the newest product from Malibu Rum-  Malibu Sparkler with a cork top- opening this bottle alone just screams summer.

Plus there is something so special about the sound that is made when you uncork a bottle, right?  It's  almost like music.   Well check out what Malibu Rum set up to turn that "popping" sound into some actual live music.   They literally have a wall of percussion instruments set perfectly to "catch" the flying corks of 150 bottles of Malibu Rum Sparkler.  A DJ is there to record, arrange and play back the sound samples.  Once the steel drum gets going, you know it's the jam- inspired by summer and aptly named "Pop Solo".  You have no choice but to move.

What's inside Malibu Rum Sparkler? It's a mix of coconut water and light bubbles- so  refreshing when served chilled and poured into a flute- no mixing necessary!

Sponsored Post: Malibu Sparkler- A Perfect Summer Drink
Sponsored Post: Malibu Sparkler- A Perfect Summer Drink

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Just in case you'd like to add a little more variety to your Malibu Sparkler, here are a few ideas:

Beach Bubbles:

3 parts Malibu Rum Sparkler, 1 part pineapple juice, ¼ part simple syrup and a dash of fresh lime juice!

Pool Party:

3 parts Malibu Peach Sparkler, 1 part orange juice, ¼ part simple syrup (optional). Garnish with an orange zest.

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This is a sponsored post brought to you by Malibu Rum.

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