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Spotlight: ToneDen Offers Intuitive Website Creation & Analytics for Producers and DJs


Every up and coming producer faces the challenge of effectively marketing themselves to fans, labels, and music blogs. Aside from social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud, new musicians aren’t left with much to improve their brand.

One of the biggest things lacking from an aspiring producers online presence is an official website. ToneDen is a new service that makes creating an official artist website easier than ever.


Spotlight: ToneDen Offers Intuitive Website Creation & Analytics for Producers and DJs

Aside from offering customizable page layout and design similar to blogging platforms like WordPress and Tumblr, ToneDen’s real value for musicians lies in its ability to aggregate and analyze stats from Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and YouTube, all in one place.  You also get a week by week break down to see how your social media presence is growing.  This is invaluable information that let's you know whats working- and what's not.

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ToneDen also takes analytics a step further by showing producers where their fans are coming from and when the best time is to reach them.  This helps you maximize the effectiveness of a campaign- whether it be a new song, video, or tour announcement.


Custom Soundcloud Player

One of the most interesting things about the service is its customizable SoundCloud player, which has four different color schemes and two different visualizers, allowing for artists to be flexible with how they choose to present their music to fans.  It is also open source, meaning anyone who has a website can feature it.

The site has already been picked up by forward-thinking acts like OWSLA-backed Wuki and Monstercat’s Protostar.

While a free membership will get you your own customizable website, a $5/month membership will give you access to a one sheet, or electronic press kit, advanced analytics, as well as an unbranded website and URL.

Check out ToneDen now.

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