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Study Shows Moderate Doses Of MDMA Might Be Fatal In Warm, Crowded Settings

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Study Shows Moderate Doses Of MDMA Can Be Fatal In Warm, Crowded Settings

A recent study published by the Journal Of Neuroscience has demonstrated that low to moderate doses of MDMA could be fatal in warm, crowded settings.

In this study, conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Baltimore, researchers gave laboratory rats doses of MDMA proven to be non-lethal in the past, but this time subjecting the animals to conditions similar to those found in nightclubs and music festivals.

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They found that "doses of MDMA that are nontoxic under cool, quiet conditions can become highly dangerous under conditions that mimic recreational use of MDMA at rave parties or other hot, crowded venues." A temperature range of about 10°F (approximately 74°F to 84°F) created the variance in results.

Previous studies under moderate environmental conditions have found that MDMA use was only fatal in higher doses, creating some controversy about the harmful effects of the drug.

"This current study opens the possibility that even moderate doses could be deadly in certain conditions." NIDA Director Dr. Nora Volkow said

Source: Journal Of Neuroscience via the Courier-Journal

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