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THANK GOD! Someone Is Getting Sued For Giving Us "Timber"


THANK GOD! Someone Is Getting Sued For Giving Us "Timber"

Calm down, no one is suing for the irreversible auditory and emotional scaring "Timber" has brought upon generations of music fans- yet.

"Twerking in their bra and thongs... Timber." Yeah, thanks for that, Pitbull.

Anyway, the song stealers "writers" of "Timber" might have straight Will.i.Am'd the harmonica and melodies of the Plaintiff's 1978 hit "San Francisco Bay".    Listen for yourself:

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The original songwriters Lee Oskar Levitin, Greg Errico, and Keri Oskar are suing Sony Music and Pitbull’s company for copyright infringement over his smash hit “Timber,” featuring Kesha.  They are seeking $3 million in damages.

There is always the possibility that the sample may have been cleared unknowingly by a third party who had rights to the original song, but this has not been demonstrated at this time. The wikipedia page (yes, someone took the time to document this moment in musical history) for "Timber" does state that the harmonica player was told to emulate Lee Oskar on the track.

"It's going down... I'm yellin..." Good luck getting that out of your head today.


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