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New Electronic Music - Top 10 Chill Trap Songs

The top 10 chill trap songs curated by Taylor Barnes. Featuring Wave Racer, Lido, Yogi, Lapalux, Mr. Carmack, and more.
Top 10 Chill Trap Songs

Taylor Barnes here with my top 10 chill trap songs of the week. This week I focused in on songs which ebb and flow, which I think is an important aspect of any piece of music. If you're unclear on what that means, I think it will be come more apparent upon listening to my selections. There are a few heavier trap tracks thrown in, but the list focuses on chill tunes for the most part.

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1. Best Friend (Wave Racer Remix), Foster The People
Wave Racer is back with another upbeat tune, this time it's a remix of Foster The People's "Best Friend." You can always expect a certain level of quality from Wave Racer, and thanks to soaring melodies, this one was definitely on point.

2. Bad Blood (Lido Remix), Bastille
I love how this remix rises and falls, ebbing and flowing from peak to valley throughout as it gradually builds to a steady groove.

3. Dragons, Samuel Truth
Like the Lido remix, this track starts off slow, then jumps into a surprisingly heavy dubstep section. Samuel Truth is an extremely underrated producer, and with beats like this he should be a household name.

4. Christian Bale (feat. Casey Veggies, Knytro, Sway, KSI, Raptor), Yogi
Yogi recruited Odd Future affiliated rapper Casey Veggies along with a few others to rap over his "Christian Bale" instrumental. Since he just signed a production deal with Interscope, Yogi is definitely an artist to watch.

5. Lost & Found (Kastle Remix), AlunaGeorge
This remix builds up gradually from mellow, ambient sounds to an intense hybrid of trap and future bass. Kastle made an interesting decision to move away from his typical club-friendly house style to a sound more akin to the future bass style of artists featured on his Symbols Recordings label.

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6. Medusa, Geotheory
This track quickly builds from an ambient soundscape into a fast paced future bass tune.

7. Get Lo Ft. Mr. Carmack, Mikos Da Gawd
This track earned its spot as one of the top 10 chill trap songs thanks to the Daft Punk sample. It's without a doubt the most creative use of "Technologic" I've ever heard.

8. DNY GLVR, Lapalux
Lapalux flipped Young Thug's "Danny Glover" into a melancholic, chill trap track featuring a slowly morphing and undulating bass line, ambient synths, and trapped out hi-hats and snare rolls.

9. Clangadashian, Mike Gao and Lord Pidjeon
"Clangadashian" is an extremely minimal beat reminiscent of Mr. Carmack's style with the added touch of an intriguing, exotic vocal sample.

10. Felon, Slumberjack
This track quickly explodes into an intense, heavily syncopated beat. It ebbs and flows from this heavy groove, moving into a more relaxed section which features a detuned reggae vocal sample.

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