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Top 10 New Future Bass Songs


Taylor Barnes here with the top 10 future bass songs of the week. I prayed to the Soundcloud gods, and they were pleased. Now we can reap the fruits of my labor in the form of new music from some of the finest producers in the game. Enjoy this week's bounty curated by yours truly.

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1. I Won (Two Fresh Remix), Future
Two Fresh are proving why they earned themselves a spot on Team Supreme's roster. This remix has a great balance between intensity and ambient melodies, and it even progresses into a moombahton/cumbia breakdown.

2. Sir Rock, Louis Futon
If you've heard any recently released mixes by future bass producers chances are you've heard this song. The duo just uploaded this tune to their soundcloud, along with a message that this will be the first single off their upcoming EP which will be released later this summer.

3. Nxwxrk, Nadus
It was tough to pick just one track off Nadus' Broke City EP, but this one was the winner due to that catchy sample, uplifting chord stabs, and arpeggios. The EP is an interesting blend of future bass and heavy techno, and I highly recommend grabbing it.

4. Les Djinns, Mr. Carmack
Carmack is at it again with this remix of Drake's "Trophies". It's almost unbelievable how well he re-produced the song and mixed in the vocals from the original.

5. King Richard's Revenge, Raf Riley
Trap never died, it just reinvented itself. Raf Riley demonstrates exactly what this reinvention sounds like with his latest track.

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6. Wetter (Andrew Luce Remix), Twista
Andrew Luce is a prime example of a young, talented producer who is making something original and breaking free of the typical trap mold. This remix demonstrates his ability to make trap tunes that are still fresh and unique.

7. A/S/L, Pusher
Pusher is a newcomer to the future bass scene, but with tracks like this he's definitely here to stay. Although heavily Wave Racer influenced, Pusher still shows that he's different through a variety of fills and nuances every 4 or 8 bars.

8. Money, Lido
Absolutely massive tune from Lido. I don't think I've heard any other future bass productions that sound even remotely close to this.

9. Thunderdome (Eduardo Fritz VIP), Minnesota & G Jones
When G Jones posted this tune on Soundcloud, a fan suggested that he add "I'm rich bitch" before the drop. At that fan's request, here is the VIP of "Thunderdome" named in that fan's honor.

10. Stop Me Cold (813 Remix), Liz
813 provides his take on Mad Decent's leading lady's track "Stop Me Cold".

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