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The Weekly Dee-Brief Of All The Stories Making News In EDM



Short and sweet this week, starting with Beatport CEO steps down? We knew since the buyout from SFX last year things might change but maybe not with Adell.

The Weekly Dee-Brief Of All The Stories Making News In EDM

Hopefully, the company won’t change drastically over there and the company’s new technology unveil won’t have anything to do with a new way of “ghost producing.”

porter robinson 8

For the record, I know people are amazed and love the Japanese culture but when does the poor and tasteless depictions of Japanese women stop? Avril Lavigne a few months ago and now Porter Robinson?

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Big ups to our Industry Focus this week on Justin Kleinfeld, he is one of the leading publicists in this world of EDM. I wouldn’t agree more with JK that the new focus and innovations seem to be coming strong for EDM in the festival realm.

Festivals seem to be a touchy subject, too…

The rate of hospitalizations, possible overdoses and deaths at music festivals are overshadowing the fun and dancing that one goes to these events for. Since EDC Las Vegas has commenced, there is a reported three deaths that have been confirmed, while one death has been reported on someone that died before arrival to the event. One thing is clear- festival goers  need to be more responsible with their health. Since EDM has become massively popular at music festivals and music culture, the reports of these fatalities contributed by drug usage doesn’t help the already frowned upon stigma that is on this type of music already.

On the brighter side of things, BPM Festival just announced their new dates.

In closing this week, I will leave you with one of the Drum and Bass songs that made our top 10, ‘Everlasting Summer,’ and I hope this summer is.

If you missed last week's "Dee-Brief," check it out. And as always, in the ebb and flow of dance music, keep it classy and I can’t stress enough people, dance safe because you don't want it to be your last!

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