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What Is So Bad About These People Having A Good Time?


By now, many of you have seen this club promo video for Bounce By The Ounce that popped up on Thump on Thursday. It starts off with the promo team making an intro to the party with a couple of shout outs. Then it cuts to footage of party-goers doing their thing inside the Rumes Nightclub in Preston, UK.

A few other blogs have picked this up since, all of which pretty much rip the video. At first glance, I get it- the video is pretty ridiculous. But now I've had a couple of days to sit with this. As I was watching this "worst video”, I realized all it really depicts is everyday people going out, getting drunk, and having fun- do they really need to be shredded?


Don't get me wrong- there are some pretty cornball moments in the video’s four minutes. The Disclosure "trace face" effect, women lifting up their shirts while making duck lips, and the 280 bpm happy-hard-trance "I Surrender" backing track are just to name a few. This would not be my choice for a night out.

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But on the flip, the patrons at Rumes look to be having the time of their lives- maybe I would too if I opened my mind a bit and stepped away from my slab of concrete. Everyone is smiling, dancing to the point of sweat, and acting a fool. Yes, some are on drugs, but the majority look like they are only drinking. They also don't look like they are your regular 20-something club goers; these are 30-something 9 to 5'ers going out to a club on a Saturday night- probably for the first time in a long time.

Think about it- some of these people could have been you 10 or 15 years ago- crazy about electronic music and going out all the time. Then real life got in the way- job, marriage, mortgage, and children- other things start to take priority. It's good to see they are still able to go out and have fun.

And no, they are not ruining "the scene". I really doubt that this night in Preston has any bearing on what you do for your underground techno Tuesday night in London, New York, LA, Berlin or Miami. If it weren't for Thump’s coverage, this night never would have shown up on your radar. Come Monday, they'll be back on the job, doing the work think we’re "too good" for.

One of the problems of this crazy online world that we live in is the tendency to "go in" on others without knowing (or at least thinking about) the back-story. And in the never-ending effort to try and be cool, we lose sight of why we all really should love electronic dance music and its culture- because it is fun.

If you want to have fun, would you rather be at hanging out with the people of Rumes or at some "underground" party sponsored by an energy drink corporation where the dance floor is almost empty and the bathrooms are full of cliquish stuck-up scenesters doing key bumps of cocaine?

What's the address to Rumes?

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