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WTF Happened In EDM This Past Week!?


WTF Happened In EDM This Past Week!?

Some pretty big stories making waves in EDM news this past week.  All the talk was surrounding Soundcloud purging about 70% of Kaskade's music off the service. The news first broke on Kaskade's twitter feed, and was followed up with a post on his Tumblr called "brb... Deleting Souncloud".  He concludes the post with a message to the man (aka record labels) "Let the people have the music. Or, to put it in language that makes more sense for the ones who can only speak dollar bill - Free the music, and your cash will follow." We couldn't agree more, and look forward to Kaskade's private subscription service (a la deadmau5) he says is now in development.

The other big news this week was Pasquaie Rotella's twitter account. No that is not a typo-  the actual URL was, using an uppercase "I" to try and play Mr. Sneaky Man by creating a parody account for the real Pasquale Rotella (Pasquale with an "L" folks). The fake account was subsequently taken down, but not after firing off some tweets like:

WTF Happened In EDM Last Week?!

We give them props for the "L" to the "I" switch, but that was about the extent of their cleverness. Molly and raver fashion jokes are pretty played out and really only deserve the Master of the Obvious Medal of Struggle. It really could have been done better... just sayin'.

Speaking of Molly, there was a new study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse that found that low to moderate doses of MDMA can prove to be fatal when taken in warm, crowded environments. The NIDA has been to known to exaggerate the results of studies about a decade ago, but if anything this should remind everyone to stay in the know and remain educated about drugs. Keep an open mind to new information whether or not you partake. The more you know...

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In music news, so far we have three tracks off of the new deadmau5 album, While (1<2), due out later this month.  Also, we had a chance to debut the new Wankelmut compilation- Wankelmoods, which was pretty much fire... Did anyone get a chance to hear his Essential Mix?

And last but not least, our summer festival coverage is starting to roll out.   Hannah Deupree documented her trip from San Diego to Mysteryland and back--- pretty epic.  And Megan Sutherland put together her most stylish for Lightning in a Bottle...  For the record-  we appreciate people's sense of style here almost as much as we do musical taste.  It isn't about brands or celebrity-  if people are taking their time to look their best- well props to them. It just adds that much more to make an experience even better.

Dee Sanae will be back next week with the news recap, but until then, here's the latest new music from deadmau5 -- infra Turbo Pigcart Racer. How's Joel doing on the Gumball 3000 anyway???

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