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#1 DJ In The World Says #3 DJ In The World Isn't A C\_/nt

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#1 DJ In The World Says #3 DJ In The World Isn't A C\_/nt

Like a white knight leading in the cavalry, the #1 DJ in the world aka Hardwell is saying that the #3 DJ in the World, Avicii (Tim Bergling),  is not a c*nt.

Bergling was a focus of a pretty scathing anti-EDM/festival rant by house/techno DJ Seth Troxler, published by Thump. Long story short, Troxler said "C U Next Tuesday!".

In an interview with Australian blog In The Mix, the World's Number #1 DJ came to Avicii's defense, saying it was "really unnecessary. We’re all doing the same things, we’re all in this business for the love of music, even if you play techno, deep house, mainstage or big-room house, you know? I don’t get it, spending so much hate and time on doing that, we should appreciate each other…"

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The #1 DJ in the World went on to say of the the #3 DJ in the World:

“Why should you hate on Avicii? He’s an amazing, talented guy, and everything he [Troxler] said about him and Ash [Pournouri], that Ash had to answer everything in the hospital, is just the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard. I’ve known Tim for over six years and he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.”

Well that settles it! Aren't you glad you read that? More on this story as it develops... Because.... The more you know...

Source: InTheMix

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