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13 Best deadmau5 Trolls- So Far

Taking on everyone from Skrillex to Ricardo Villalobos, deadmau5 is no stranger to some mid-grade EDM beef.


Joel Zimmerman - AKA deadmau5 has always been known to be the troll commander of Twitter - sometimes the posts are pure entertainment... 

Other times Deadmau5's troll moves are just plane mean. 

While we'll never be sure what the psychological reasons are behind the Mau5's petty beefs are, we know that they aren't going to be ending any time soon. I mean... even his management couldn't keep him off the keyboard. 

We all have our addictions I suppose...

Joel's most recent Twitter spat with Trance heavyweight Armin van Buuren brought on an internal war between Trance Music vs Mau5y things at Magnetic HQ -- if you missed that, you're missing out (don't worry, you can check it out HERE)

It also gave us this awesome idea - to check out the 13 best beefs so far. 

These are not to be taken too seriously. If you need a life support machine to get you through these next few posts - go ahead and check out Justin Bieber's Twitter page, he always has room for emotionally unstable fans.


01. Remember when Arcade Fire made a special shout-out to the EDM community? Mau5 does.

01 mau5f vs arcade fire
02 mau5 vs arcade fire

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02. Apparently Porter Robinson is a dickhead... and deadmau5 has a problem with temper tantrums. Why can't we all just get along?

03 mau5 VS Porter Robinson

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03. ... But then good 'ol Dillon Francis swoops in to save the day.

04 Mau5 Vs Porter Vs Dillon

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04. Ultra was clearly the ultimate place for Joel to start digital wars... and Ricardo Villalobos was at the wrong set at the wrong time. #AimandFire

05 Mau5 VS RiVillalobos

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05. ... More Ultra trouble. Ultra isn't Ultra without a little Animals. Mau5 - 1 , Garrix - 0.

06 Mau5 VS Garrix
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06. DJ Sneak found himself stuck in the Mau5trap -- something about crying, relevancy and slagging. Can't we find something new to argue about?

07 Mau5 vs Sneak

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07. Well, then there's this whole pompous thing against the DJ Mag results... I happen to enjoy these types of posts.

08 Mau5 VS DJ Mag

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08. These beefs don't just happen within the EDM community... Sometimes it just has to do with Canadians.

09 Mau5 VS Beiber_2

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09. ... And sometimes they happen just because Mr. Zimmerman needs to say something vulgar to get people all crazy & stuff. Sorry, Selena. This wasn't a good one

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09 Mau5 VS Bieber

10. Tiesto and Mau5 have this ongoing love-troll relationship, sometimes it's on - other days it's off. This, however was a legit stab.

11 Mau5 vs Tiesto

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11. Even Madonna isn't perfect. Leave it to Judge Joel to set the record straight and put the Queen of Pop in her place. Well played.

12 Mau5 vs Madonna

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12. Deadmau5 VS Wildstylez... I mean, this was pretty stupid. Let's all get pissy over a similar chord progression, shall we? Let's all sue each other!

14 Mau5 vs Wildstylez

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12.2 And just to stir the pot a little bit more... let's start a war against the Hardstyle community.... On Facebook. #TwitterIsSoYesterday

13 Mau5 vs Hardstyle

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13. But the best, most cleverly trollish move of all time went against Skrillex. Even we have to admit that this was epic.

10 Mau5 vs Skrill_2
10 Mau5 vs Skirll

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