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3 Reasons These Diesel Jogg Jeans Might Change Your Life (Especially DJs)

They have achieved what we personally thought was the unachievable, to make pair of denim fused with jersey and have it still look cool?
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Diesel Jogger Jeans

So yes, this is a bold statement. How can jeans change your life? Well, the thing that is so special about these jeans is that they have achieved what we personally thought was the unachievable, to make pair of denim fused with jersey and have it still look cool? Every time we started explaining it to people (mostly girls) they just go “oh it’s a jegging, those are gross” and thus was our perception of the Jogg jean until we slipped on a pair... then everything changed.

The Jogg jean is truly different. It comes down to quality of construction, wash varieties, styles and of course feel. When you see a pair, even close up, they look like regular old denim. But when you touch them and try them on, the fit and texture is something completely different that’s best described as a combination of your favorite broken in jeans and a pair of newish sweats. Diesel has truly innovated here but of course the big killer is the very high price tag. The Jogg collection starts at around $250 and goes up from there as the washes and distressing gets more intense. You will wear these things quite a bit if that’s any consolation and there is just nothing else on the market that can compete right now.

Diesel Jogger Jeans

3 Reasons Diesel Jogg Jeans Might Change Your Life:

1.  Traveling - Now you can look great and be extremely comfortable in close quarters, no matter if it’s plane, train or automobile. So why look like a slob in sweats when you can look great? You roll off the plane ready to go!

2. Dancing - We all know that regular denim is not the easiest to groove in if you are really trying to dance, so this video pretty much just proves how amazing these jeans are. The new Cool Max technology that's going into the fabric also wicks away your sweat, another huge bonus.

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3. Everyday Life – Yes, that sounds a bit silly but when you are at work all day sitting in front of your computer comfort is a huge factor. Walking around, lounging around or going out… these jeans are great for everything. There are enough styles of the Jogg to satisfy any environment, from casual to a little more clean/classic dark washes. Our favorite cut is the Thavar-Ne Slim.

Official company description below of Jogg and their Cool Max x Jogg fabric.

The Concept: A cutting edge crossbreed between jeans and activewear, Jogg Jeans puts the durability of Diesel Denim into Motion. Crafted in a unique fabric that weaves together the style of denim with the versatility of jersey, it's the original hybrid denim. You know have the freedom to move like never before.
The jeanetically modified denim-crossbreed has been contaminated with COOLMAX moisture-wicking technology producing a comfortable and transpiring garment where sweat evaporates to keep you dry. A placebo of rubberized hardware and sport mesh details enhance the technical performance, without compromising the comfort.

More at DIESEL.

Diesel Jogger Jeans

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