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5 Things We Loved About Barcelona's Primavera Sound

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More Than Just Memories- Here Are 5 Things To Love About Primavera Sound 2014


The National At Primvera Sound

By: Freddi C

Barcelona based festival Primavera Sound is all about the music. The crowd is full of chilled out folks there to discover new artists and watch some old favorites, which definitely makes for a better festival going experience. By the way, when did the music and festival scene become so overrun with drugs, crappy facilities, over priced water, massive lines and fences to get to where you want to be to see your favorite band or DJ perform?

Thankfully you simply don't get that at Primavera Sound. It's nicely decongested and you can select from well placed stages, each hosting an amazing and diverse lineup. For its 14th year, steller performances were given by some of the biggest names over three days at the Parc del Fòrum: Arcade Fire, The National, Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Kendrik Lamar to name a few. Althought rain on the first day put a damper on the crowd's spirits, it did nothing to the lessen these headlines acts, nor the multitude of DJs and bands set to perform. So without further ado, here's my top five highlights from Primavera Sound 2014:

1. More Than Just The Memories


I know I'm meant to say here something smart about the lead acts but that was not my favorite thing about this year's festival. In fact it was the really cool 6"X6" full color commemorative book that came in my press pack and listed a synopsis on all the acts next to a photo. Plus, they had artist renderings of the performances (Above). Primavera is definitely a heaven of music as there is something for everyone.

2. Jamie XX


Kicked off my festival in what I would describe as being inside R2D2's cranium, a small dome with digital projections on its roof, set the backdrop to a special show from Jamie xx. Who else has the balls to start his set with the rocky anthem? Killer set!

3. Kendrick Lamar Guest Appearance

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More Than Just Memories- Here Are 5 Things To Love About Primavera Sound 2014

Fellow Los Angeleno, Earl Sweatshirt, brought solace to the stage on a rainy day when he announced a special guest about half way through his set. In the background, you could spot a shirtless Kendrick Lamar checking out the scene below. Later, on the main stage he brought it home when "Swimming Pools" dropped, proving that hip hop is now the international language.



Caught UK artist, SBTRKT was simply banging! Consider your dubstep, house, mash-up fix filled.


Always the best for last: DARKSIDE! This was my first time seeing them, and wow, what a tight set ! Okay so I'm already a huge Nicolas Jaar fan, so I'm obviously bias but if you get the chance -- go see them. These two guys manage to bring a whole orchestra on the stage with their electronic collaboration, not to mention the effectiveness of their simplistic stage set.


Despite the rain and a few puddles, the lineup at this year's Primavera Sound is one of the most organized well balanced festivals. Its line up eclectic enough to satisfy everyone. The crowd is chill and there to enjoy the music. Plus, there's plenty of bars and clean toilets. I will be back next year for sure! :)

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