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Akai Releases New Digital App iMPC Pro For iPad

Akai Releases Digital MPC With New IMPC Pro App For Iphone/Ipad

Akai Releases Digital MPC With New iMPC Pro App For Ipad

Akai Professional goes virtual with their new iMPC Pro app for the iPad. With a 64 track capacity, it promises to deliver the highest quality production to the iPad, an otherwise unfamiliar musical platform. Combine Retronyms’ digital platform with Akai’s brilliant and innovative design to create a seamless retrofit for your iPad.

Features Include:

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● Professional grade production, editing, mixing, and composition tools
● 64 multitrack recording and mixing channels
● “Inter-App” add-on allows audio sampling between applications
● Can sampling via iTunes or on-board microphone
● “Timeline View” for detailed sequence editing
● Intuitive and responsive mixing controls
● “Flux Mode” allows real-time automation
● Classic Swing, Repeat, and Pad Workflow
● 1,400 on-board samples from Richard Devine
● Can upload directly to SoundCloud, Twitter, or your computer
● New effects suite includes side-chain compressor and Boom Room Reverb

iMPC Pro is available at the App Store for $12.99, but will soon sell for $19.99, so get while the gettin’s good!

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