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Album Review: Armada Lounge, Vol. 7

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armada lounge

Life is tough. Daily struggles encompass us, and whatever the cause may be, every one of us needs an outlet to allow our minds to be freed.  For most of us, music is usually what we turn to, and the genre we choose varies from person to person.  Every once in a while though, we may stumble upon a collection which instantly allows us to escape from whatever is holding us down or troubling us.  Armada Lounge, Volume 7 is a double album, packed with downtempo tracks from some of the industries most revered artists.   No matter what genre you favor, if you are in need of a few hours of stress free tranquility, these two discs will have your head cleared from the moment you press play.

Since their inception in 2008, the Armada Lounge compilations have been going strong, delivering acoustic, instrumental, and chilled out versions of each year’s massive hits.   Each edition has a slightly different angle, and Volume 7 follows suit.  So kick back, turn off your phone, close your eyes, and let these 40 tracks take you to a place where nothing else matters except you and the music.

 Josh Gabriel begins this musical journey with ‘Tomorrow’, featuring the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Meredith Call. It is easily one of the best tracks of the entire compilation, with amazing lyrics and flowing melodies that capture you from the very first few seconds.  Josh and Meredith have teamed up to create a project entitled Winter Kills, and ‘Tomorrow’ is one of the most unique reflections of creativity off of their first album.

Zetandel is a well-known name in the Chillout music world, and was nominated in the “Best Chillout track” category at the 2013 IDMA’s.   Featured on Armada Lounge, Volume 7 is his version of Armin van Buuren’s ‘Waiting For The Night’, and it is dreamy and mesmerizing and instantly transports me to a warm, sunny beach in Ibiza. This is a beautiful rendition of such a popular song, and it breathes new, calming life into Armin’s production.  Fiora’s vocals are nothing short of genius, and this is surely a perfect choice as the soundtrack to your most relaxing day.

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Although you’ve definitely heard his music before, you may not be familiar with the artist behind the tunes.  Rodg, one of Armada’s best-kept secrets, has consistently produced track after track of chart-topping Chillout creations.  Here, his remix of Matt Darey’s ‘Lost At Sea’ defines the loungey, relaxed, summertime-feeling vibe that is inherently the point of these compilations as a whole.  Ashley Tomberlin’s vocals are soft and angelic, and are exactly what this song needs to make it a gorgeous piece of work.

The second disc starts off with an acoustic version of Paul Van Dyk & Christian Burns’sWe Are Tonight’.  Christian has worked with many of the top dj’s and producers, and pairing up with PVD is an amazing combination.  With Paul’s legendary status, and Christian’s distinctive vocals, it’s a match made in heaven.  The slow, rhythmic chords of the guitar make this acoustic adaptation a pleasure to listen to.

Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge collaborated on ‘World To Turn’, and it’s an unbelievable track that combines both of their talents.  Andy Moor is one of the finest, with years of expertise and countless productions.  Joined with Ashley Wallbridge, who is skyrocketing to the top of the charts, this is definitely a stand out on the second album.

Armada Lounge, Volume 7 is out now! Order your copy on iTunes!

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